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Johnson's Pure Cotton Buds $1.37 ($1.23 S&S), Cotton Balls $1.80, Pads $1.80 ($1.62 S&S) + Post (Free with Prime) @ Amazon AU


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Johnson's Baby Johnson's Baby Pure Cotton Buds 150 - $1.37 ($1.23 S&S)

  • Absorbent & gentle All-purpose product Super soft
  • Super soft
  • Convenient pack for desired amount

Johnson's Baby Johnson's Pure Cotton Balls White 120 - $1.80

  • Absorbent & gentle
  • Convenient pack for desired amount
  • Applying & removing make-up, all your baby care needs
  • Country of Origin: India

Johnson's Baby Johnson's Pure Cotton Pads All-Purpose 50 - $1.80 ($1.62 S&S)

  • Naturally soft, gentle and absorbent
  • Come in a convenient resealable bag
  • Ideal product for use with the whole family.

Johnson's Baby Johnson's Pure Cotton Pads Make-Up Remover 80 - $1.80 ($1.62 S&S)

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  • Feel naturally clean everyday with Johnson's Pure Cotton Make-Up Pads.
  • 100% pure cotton is naturally soft, absorbent and gentle on your skin. Now you can enjoy the gentle natural care of Johnson's Pure Cotton Make-Up Pads.
  • Johnson's Pure Cotton Make-Up Pads are specially designed not to leave messy fibers on your skin and come in a convenient resealable bag.
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  • thanks OP

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  • Cheers OP. Cotton Buds will sell out quick!

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    Does Baby mean they're smaller than the usual cotton tips?

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    Checked the reviews. I think I'll pass on this one but thanks for the good deal OP.

  • Thanks OP got 2 x of the cotton buds.

  • Do J&J still use the paper stems?

    These used to be my go to but the paper turned me onto other brands.

    Good on em for helping the environment, but the paper stems are just too damn flimsy.

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      Yep paper stems. Don't think they will be going back to plastic, as they will most likely be banned in the future.

      • Yeah I wouldn't expect a return to plastic, but I look forward to better quality sustainable stems down the line.

  • Thanks did a subscribe

    • LOL ppl are so angry these days, negging everything.

      Not me, btw

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    What do people use cotton buds for? They are not safe to use to clean your ears.

    • I use them for cleaning electronics with Isopropyl Alcohol.

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        Clean my ears

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      Now i feel old-school. I clean my ears with them every day.

      What's the newer, safer method?

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        The older, safer method.. which is use a towel/ wash cloth to dry the outer ear after your shower :) warm water helps loosen the ear wax. You're not meant to put anything inside the ear canal.
        If you have a build up of ear wax, you can use a few drops of warm olive oil , an earwax remover solution from the chemist or see your doctor.

        • Is the danger restricted to contact with the ear drum or is there more? (assuming you're not doing really stupid things like stabbing motion etc)

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            @andresampras: see https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10002994/redir and the discussions below it if you want some tips on how to loosen earwax.

            The skin in your inner ear is pretty delicate — a cotton bud is not likely to damage it but if you have a habit of digging your ears often with buds you're likely going to damage the skin eventually.

            The skin in your ear grows outwards — think of it as a conveyor belt. It grows that way so that earwax is physically moved from the inside to the outside of your ear over time. However, sticking a cotton bud into your ears basically pushes it all back in, and using any sharp scraper implements (e.g like the ones Japanese and asian people love to use for "ear cleaning" is likely going to damange / disrupt the way the skin grows — essentially causing a break in the conveyer belt mechanism. This might cause the ear wax to form a compacted plug, which is even harder to remove.

            That's why most ENT's suggest that you don't stick anything bigger than your elbow into your ear.

            • @scrimshaw: I used Audisol once, years ago.

              The instructions are not great. I think i maybe left it in there too long or something but i ended up with a flaky inner ear for a while.

            • @scrimshaw: bigger than your elbow ?!

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                @nollsies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK2333/

                • Regardless of whether the ear wax is wet or dry, the ear has the same built-in conveyer-belt mechanism for ridding itself of cerumen—it uses epithelial cells that migrate away from the ear drum and up the ear canal to transport ear wax, and any debris it contains, out of the ear. These cells migrate at speeds of about 0.05 mm/day (similar to the rate of nail growth) .

                • Many problems with ear wax result from people using cotton tips in an attempt to remove the wax. But what they actually do is push the wax further into the ears, against the tide of migrating cells, causing it to impact and accumulate. So, to quote the words said by many Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeons, "Do not put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!".

                Laura Dean, MD.

                Created: October 11, 2006.

                So yes, it's a saying that's existed for a very long time.

    • Ears, just don't go too in

    • They are safe to clean your ears with. I've cleaned my ears daily with cotton buds my whole life and never had the slightest problem.

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    I want to order but I feel kinda bad just ordering cotton buds and balls and getting them delivered.

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      …in an oversized carton.

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    These are cheap but the sticks are so weak.

    • Does the cotton break off aye?

      I've had to pull them out using a tweezer often >_<

      • Not the cotton, the stick bends unless you're holding close to the cotton.

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    Johnson's Baby Johnson's Pure Cotton Pads Make-Up Remover 80 is $1.8 too

    • Added to description.

  • thanks! bought some buds.

  • Thanks, bought buds.

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    Supermarket brands are cheaper and it's just as fine..

  • Thanks op. Bought 3 packs of earbuds.

  • Got some cotton tips and cotton balls, thanks OP

  • How do they compare to the pixel buds?

    • Inferior to the Pixel buds but look the same as AirPods

  • Thanks OP

  • Cotton buds OOS.

    • Back in stock, if you missed out.

  • I bought these ear buds last time they went on sale and they are useless at cleaning ears…i thought it was just me but after i said it to my misses she informed me she had already bought some other brand

  • I bought the cotton balls last time for changing our baby and they leave bits of fluff everywhere. Coles home brand same price and better IMO

  • Got the cotton buds last time. They stuck it in a big box with liquid body wash bottle. It didn't end well