What Happened to Dan Murphy's Members Offers?

Hey all,

I used to like to go check whats on special with members offers each month but notice its really hard to find members offers on their site now and there aren't that many.

Does anyone else miss this?


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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


  • Know. Eye donut Ave a prinking droblem.

    • I know when to stop drinking, I pass out.

  • Use the app instead?

  • The mobile app still has them.

  • What happened to Dan Andrews members offers?

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      I dont wanna know why you want an offer on Dans member…

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    What Happened to Dan Murphy's Members Offers?

    Covid…. People want to be drunk all day on their own, don't need any 'offers' to get them to buy booze.

    • Are they learning from AMZ to cut all the Covid hot categories to 0 cashback ?

  • Endeavour Group (BWS and Dans) is no longer a part of Woolworths, it has been spun out as it's own company and are doing different strategies. That and covid, internet sales are up massively.

    And it's working. They had a 9% increase in sales YoY for FY21, but a 22% increase in EBIT (earnings before interest and tax). Why do more discounts when they basically have a monopoly on the market anyway? They do about two thirds of all retail liquor sales in Australia between BWS and Dans.

    Amazingly, they own a bunch of hotels and revenue/profits also went up there. But then most of the country wasn't in lockdown except for Melbourne last financial year.

  • you can now have weddings and funerals in Dan's - you can fit more people in one of their stores than traditional venues and not breach any COVID19 / state health orders 😜😜😜

    awesome for the guests as you have a good range of booze, and it's always cold .. plus you have snacks !!!