Food Pet Peeves You Can't Stand

We are not talking about food poisoning and those that can harm you like steel wool in your food and food allergy, etc. Just small harmless pet peeves that you still cannot accept to find about your food. And probably you may have much higher expectations for fine dining food, so lets not target those but may be we share our opinions about some average restaurant food.

To start off, I in particular don't like seeing that black line still there on the back of prawns when the prawns are peeled. If I ordered whole prawn, I don't mind to peel it and devein it myself. But if they are served peeled but not deveined, I will never order the same food from that restaurant again.

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  • 1
    Bone in fillet/sashimi
  • 10
    Hair in food
  • 18
    Hot food served cold
  • 2
    Food is soggy
  • 3
    Requested no/less/more salt/sugar/spicy/some ingredient but still the same
  • 2
    Shellfish not cracked/opened
  • 22
    Shrimp/prawn not deveined (thats poo inside if you don't know)


  • +18

    Medium rare arrives as well done.

    • Went to a new restaurant one night, both me and a friend ordered steak, medium rare. Hers came well done, mine came blue.

      The restaurant wouldn't replace them but instead gave us the steaks for free. We split the blue one because it was more edible than the well done one.

      They also gave us a free dessert that was absolutely terrible, cream tasted like it had gone bad. Never went back there.

    • Yea I thought about adding that but thats more like cooking not to your liking than some pet peeves. But very true, still annoying as (profanity).

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      I find in this country cooking steak is a very inexact science and varies massively from place to place

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      A while back when I was at uni, I was a restaurant with my family. I had a veal dish (I guess the place was Italian). It basically came out almost beef jerky it was so overdone. I sent it back, but that just meant everyone else ate first and then when my food came out, I had to eat while everyone watched. It kind of ruined the whole vibe. My mum extracted a $100 voucher from them plus she didn't pay for my meal - she is not a woman to be crossed.

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    If 'user status' thread is declared pointless by the mods then this thread exists because??

    • “Just because.” 🤷‍♂️

      • That makes sense. Cheers

        • apparently a 👻 now.

    • More context please, I don't get the joke.

      • If a tree falls deep in the woods when noone is there, does it make a sound? (as there is noone there to hear it)

  • -1

    I hate it when there is cheese added to just about everything on the menu, even stuff that doesn't normally come with cheese. i hate cheese and it gets annoying having to order stuff without it, though it's probably a bonus when you go to mcdonalds because your burger will be freshly cooked, unless they ignore / forget that you ordered without it (happens now and again).

    • +5

      i hate cheese


    • I hate Spam

    • Pretty sure cheese is the main ingredient in the food pyramid ;)

      • +1

        it's the mortar

    • +1

      Cheese in sushi.

      Good lord it's disgusting

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    Where is the 'Restuarant is Closed' option?

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    Onions are strong and should not be used as filler or pizza topping.

    Most mayo in restaurant dishes tastes awful and is put in anything regardless. Cheese burger? BBQ mayo!

    • I can't stand undercooked onion in food. Seems to be common in pasta sauce, then all you can taste is onion.

    • I really like putting some caramelised onion on my pizzas

      • My local restaurants appear to have never heard of caramelising onions..

        • Agree with you, putting a raw onion on a pizza is a terrible idea.

  • -1

    sounds like your run of the mill chinese restaurant,

  • Topical recently.. Subway not toasting subs… get what you pay f0r I guess

  • +1

    I don't eat in fancy places by choice but sometimes have to or for work, and get annoyed with the tiny portion sizes in some of these places

    • …but sometimes have to or for work, and get annoyed with the tiny portion sizes in some of these places

      If it's on work, order two! lol

  • +5

    Restaurants that bring all the dishes out at different times. And then you have half the table awkwardly waiting with steaming food in front of them, or one person who hasn't received their meal and everyone else has.

  • +2

    Just assuming people want tomato or bbq sauce when it’s not specified that it will be on the burger (or wrap or whatever).

  • +1

    The wrong order being given realising after I’ve left the through drive thru

  • I'm surprised no one raised this yet.

    Got less than ordered.

    e.g. 12 pieces chicken, only 11 in box. 😡🤦‍♂️

  • +9

    When staff handle money and food wearing the same glove

    • Same goes for those staff that don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet.

  • Add wearing shoes inside (a house) as an option

  • +1

    I don't like typos on the menu.

    If I spot incorrect spelling before entering the restaurant e.g. an online menu, or menu in the window I have to go elsewhere.

    I am especially annoyed when it looks like the menu has cost a fair bit to produce and they didn't even proof read / spell check it first.

    • Username checks out

    • +3

      You've got it all wrong. If there are no typos in a Chinese restaurant menu, it's not a good restaurant.

    • -1

      "If I spot incorrect spelling before entering the restaurant"

      If in english, yes. "Donut" in U.K english zones , or "English" in the middle of a case-sensible sentence as my screen insists is de rigour annoy me, but it's not really a peeve about the food. It could affect the enjoyment tho, 'ambience' isn't just a code-word for tacky muzac.

      If alongside a pictographic or non-latin alphabet, especially if promising something like " will illustriate the harmoniousness of the eat", then it's either from someone who was going to quite an effort to get my attention, or a business for whom I was an ancillary market.

      I assume I'm either in for a treat, or a need to seek therapy when I discover what I had been eating other than tasty crunchy sea cockroaches in the pulverised remains of two generations of wheat, one unborn.

  • +1

    When they don’t stack the burger properly at maccas. Had a fillet o fish the other day, 1/3 of the fillet was hanging off the bottom bun top bun was also way off

  • +3

    I find it disappointing if sushi rolls aren't properly filled eg the filling does not go all the way through the sushi roll, and the bottom half of the roll is rice only.

    • +1

      Agree. and extends to other things as well, like when you you get a blueberry muffin and there are a few blueberries on top but none inside, and half-filled sandwiches

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    Being served reheated leftovers from the day before.

    When the chef uses the same knife to cut vegetables as they did to fillet the fish without washing the knife in between.

  • Thinking of pets and food annoyances, the transparent plastic window my guinea pig's food box keeps falling inwards so the food comes out all over the floor.

    I put sticky tape all around it to stop the problem. I reported it to the company.

  • +1

    Number one on my list - cold food at Macdonalds. I have just given up on it now. I have complained and they give me vouchers. But when I go back the burger is still cold. I want hot food HOT. How hard is that? Honest to god, the Big Macs were much better in the old days when made in advance and sitting under the heat lamps. This current system doesn't work. Mind you, the Big Macs were a decent size back then as well.

    Number two, already mentioned - half filled sandwiches - and that's on a good day. Never order a ham and tomato sandwich - one slice of tissue paper ham, and a couple of bits of tomato sliced just as thin as the ham, though I don't know how. They must have razor sharp knives to achieve that feat. Egg and lettuce sandwiches with a smear of egg filling and piles of shredded lettuce that goes everywhere when you try to eat it. You can always tell what was cheap at the market by what they give you the most of. Had a disagreement with a sandwich shop near where I worked years ago. Told him to charge me an extra 50 cents or whatever and give me a decent egg and lettuce sandwich. He didn't charge me the extra, and was always very attentive to me whenever I came into the shop from that day on! Don't mess with me.

    Talking of sandwiches, Number 3 - I like butter on my bread. It doesn't need to be much, but why do sandwich shop employees compete with each other to see who can spread the least amount of butter on the bread. Drives me demented.

    Now I stay home and prepare my food the way I like it.

    • How can you get a cold burger when they're literally made to order.

      Chips on the other hand…

      • They cook the burgers ahead of time and keep them in little drawers above the assembly station. I just gave up trying, every burger I've bought was stone cold. Last time I got a hot burger was in 2017 at Salt Lake City Airport!! HJ's are no better.

        Now we just make our own burgers at home and have them with Aldi's Super Crunch chips, not those miserable scraps of potatoe Macca's call French Fries. Home made burgers straight out of the pan leave Maccas junk for dead.

        • Home made burgers straight out of the pan leave Maccas junk for dead

          Well… Yeah? Everyone knows this. It's convenience.

          I just can't believe you're getting "stone cold" burgers. That just doesn't wash with how maccas works unless you're driving it half an hour home.

          Even when I've gotten uber eats from maccas it's hot

          • @dchurch1: Whenever I have had Maccas, it has been eat in. So the time lag is from collection to sitting down at a table and eating, maybe a minute or two.

            We buy wagyu beef burgers and how long does it take to fry them, along with an egg and some onion, chop up a bit of lettuce and tomato??

            Life's too short to eat sxxt food as far as I am concerned.

  • +4

    Having to pay for sauce >:(

  • Not a food one but drink ones.

    When you order a bottle of wine, they open it, pour you a drink and the wander off and don’t come back to refill your glass. You end up drinking most of it with dessert.

    My view is if you can’t keep up with me then leave me the bottle and I can pour my drinks myself.

    The other is restaurants with really ordinary wine selections and no BYO. If I can buy it at 1/3 the price at Liquorland I don’t want to buy it from you.

    • +1

      Don’t most places leave the bottle at the table if you order a bottle? I mustn’t be dining at fancy enough places.

      Agree with the wine selections.

      • Yeah, it is the fancy ones that run away with the bottle.

    • At one particular upmarket restaurant where I used to live they would do the same with a bottle of scotch and the mixers/ice. Would go twice a week atleast in the 2 years i was there.
      I like my scotch in a particular way. About 40ml with 4/5 soda and a dash of coke. They hardly got it right.

      They wouldn't leave it at the table no matter how many times I asked. A few times when sat outside I was able to pour a glass for ourselves as the wait staff were busy inside. Most of the time they were extra attentive as they knew we tipped well and I drank like a camel at times lol.

      Stopped getting veggies as a side at this place too as it seemed they were blanched only and very hard to force them down…

      • +1

        Apparently at some places in Japan you buy a bottle of whisky and they put your name on it so you can get a drink from it when you go back. One of my old managers was telling me about it. The problem he has was he was, generally, so pissed he couldn't remember which bars he had been in.

        • +1

          Yes been to many restaurants overseas that did this.
          They don't mind if you bought your own bottle but 'corkage' was anywhere from $10-$50.

          One place that we left a bottle of chivas royal salute at did something to it. I don't like it but my partner does. We could both tell it wasn't chivas. Even got the owner to taste it but nothing came to it. Just took a Johnnie double black the next time ( liked the resto so fool us once ) as they sold it and wouldn't bother with it.

        • we use to do tat all the time at our chinese restuarant when i was younger, mainly for the regulars, the bar shelf was full of open bottles of red wine, cognac and scotch.

          • @Archi: I wouldn’t leave the red wine that has been opened for too long.

            • @try2bhelpful: not our problem, already paid for,

              • @Archi: After a couple of days you could, probably, use it for red wine vinegar.

  • paying for tea at yum cha…

  • +1

    My worst gripes;

    • Restaurants that do not have a menu on their shopfront window.
    • Restaurant websites that lack the 3 most basic information wants, Menu, Hours or Operation and Telephone.
    • Restaurants that do not split bills, its 2021 people.
    • Places that don't advertise in English. Perfectly ok with them advertising in whatever language they speak, but at least give the 90%+ potential customers basic information in the de facto lingua franca.
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