Mysterious Texting to UK Number 447537151541 from My Xiaomi Phone

When I go through my Amaysim mobile account, I noticed that there are 1-2 texts sent to the UK no.
447537151541 from my phone every week.They were sent automatically without my knowledge. I suspect it is related to the "Mi Cloud" which I have never used but cannot un-install. Does anyone know how to stop it happening. It has cost me a few dollars a month! Thanks for any help.


  • Any context with the message?

  • There is no SMS records in my phone. I only noticed them because I got charged 25 cents per text ( international SMS not covered by mobile plan). No idea about the content at all.

    • Mobile plans still exist in the age of really cheap pre paid?

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        Lots of people don't like to muck around with prepaid.

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    quick google found its not a xiaomi thing?

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    This service is the way that xiaomi use to validate/verify your phone number, to use services like Mi messages and backup your messages and phone call registry on Mi Cloud

    What likely happened is that your phone sent an international SMS to a Xiaomi activation server and you got charged that SMS fee.

    You will probably have to log out of your Mi account so that your phone will stop trying to associate your telephone number with your Mi cloud account. XAFT (Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools) can also be used to debloat your Xiaomi and remove those unneeded services, but this should only be used if you know what you're doing.

  • My iPhone sent 6 SMS to a USA number last month, which I know I didn't cos I do not know anyone in USA to send text to. I called up Optus to dispute the charges which after abit of haggling they agreed to as well as they will block my number from sending International SMS… which I'm cool with since I dun need to send International SMS

  • Did you guys buy this phones overseas or were they grey imports?

    Seems like a default setting depending on the location of where the phone should be sold. Would imagine Australian bought phones would send default activation SMS to an Aussie server.

    • Sounds right. Mine's is a grey import came with an EU charger.

      • Yep. It's sending sexy message to Boris then.