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£55 (~A$104) Sign-up Bonus (One Trade Required) at Coinbase via TopCashBack UK


If you don't yet have a Coinbase account, the best way to sign up currently is through Topcashback: you'll get £50 when you sign up and make your first trade of any amount (no minimum). This is an infinitely better offer than using a Coinbase referral link to sign up - these require a £75 trade and you'd only get £7.50.

If you use a random referral link for Topcashback below, you get an extra £5 for earning £10 in cash back which you easily get through the Coinbase deal.

In addition, once you've signed up to Coinbase, you can earn up to another US$36 (that's how much free crypto I have been rewarded for doing all the quizzes) for free just by doing some quizzes on Coinbase Earn, no spend needed. There's even a megathread with answers here: and OzBargain Deal


  1. Sign up to Topcashback.co.uk if you haven't already. Remember to use a random referral link below for the extra £5.
  2. Switch off any ad blockers and tracking protection in your browser. I prefer to use another browser that I don't use such as Edge instead of disabling adblockers.
  3. On Topcashback, search for Coinbase
  4. Click Get Cashback Now, sign up for a Coinbase account, and verify your identity through their KYC process. Then make your first trade of any amount (minimum set by Coinbase is £2). To make sure your purchase tracks properly, do not sign out of Coinbase until you've traded.
  5. Your purchase should track within 1-2 days, and it should then become payable (meaning they will pay out the £50) within several weeks. If your purchase doesn't track within a few days, do make sure to contact Topcashback support.
  6. Once your Coinbase purchase becomes payable, you can withdraw your cashback to your bank account or Paypal, for free.

Referral Links

Referral: random (83)

Referrer will receive £5-£15 credit after referee earns £5 cashback. Referee receives £2.50 after earning £5.

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  • With this being Uk based Will this allow the funds to create sent to a foreign PayPal account domiciled in Australia?

    • As far as I know, you only need your Paypal email address to link it to Topcashback so I don't think it will restrict based on location.

    • From what I remember in the past (I made a post about getting free money through quidco/topcashback UK) they need a UK based bank. BUT Transferwise UK account counts for this.

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    Coinbase have a massive issue at the moment where they lock your account "for review" and months and months of chasing them is yielding no joy at all.

    I have personally sent multiple tickets that get closed after 1-2 weeks with no resolution. My account is frozen and unable to do anything with my own money…

    Lots and lots and lots of complaints on /r/CoinBase/ too. Expect your funds to be locked with no access for months.

    • I personally have had no issues so far with Coinbase and I have access to all my crypto but that isn't to say people aren't having issues with them. I suggest just trading with the minimum £2 to fulfil the first trade requirement to get the cash back and if you want to get serious into crypto use Binance, Swyftx, Independent Reserve etc then move large amounts to a cold wallet or at least a software wallet like Exodus. Generally exchanges are safe and insured up to a certain amount these days though.

    • What do they say when you call their support number ?
      There must be more to this story ! What did you do to trigger the freeze ?

      • No support number. Online tickets only and after couple weeks you get this with NO other contact, communication of resolution: https://i.imgur.com/KpmFzeB.png

        There really isn't more to this, no trigger and it's the same for many many people. Some that have shouted loudly on the sub are now getting heard and issues resolved while others not.


        Keep scrolling… Hundreds of people affected.

        • Wow WTF ! I assume anyone with a large amount held is going to be heading to legal action fairly quickly, it'll be interesting to see if Coinbase start to change their processes as they lose court cases.

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      Coinbase support is non existent right now. 2 tickets closed with no resolution. 2 DMs to their Twitter support unanswered.
      They are in trouble! If you have money with them get it out now

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        Their recent stuff up with 2fa suggests incompetence. Combined with the arrogance of failing to support their customers means they are too dangerous to trust

  • I think Quidco has a policy of beating topcashback uk, and vice versa, by 5% but it means a longer waiting time.

  • If I’ve signed up previously but never made a trade will I still be eligible? When I click through topcashback it says “just make a purchase to get cashback”.

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      I am not 100% sure but believe it has to be a new customer. If you are logged into Topcashback it says "New Customer First Trade" in the description. If you have another ID that you don't mind using (that you didn't use to make your first account), you could use that to make a new account and just do the minimum trade otherwise I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and just click the link and use your current account to make a trade and see if it works. It takes about 1 day and 9 hours on average to track on Topcashback.

      • Thanks :) do you mean different ID as in passport Vs DL?

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  • looks as if they have many issues so i wont be giving them my id. got another top cash back offer 2 pounds but must spend 5 pounds within 24hrs. any suggestions maybe lotto?

  • Does doing one of the Earn Tasks and getting the token count as a trade?

    • Is doing a task a trade?

      • I have no idea. I’ve verified myself with my license and a pic of myself, but I’m unable to do any of the earn tasks - it still says I have to take a pic and verify. I thought this was supposed to be easy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

        • A trade is buying or selling
          Earning is not a trade


          • @txb: The fact that a transfer of tokens is being made, even if I am not paying for them, can’t constitute a trade?

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              @novicenow: Of course it can't.

              A trade is a trade 👍

              • @Nom: Thanks for your straightforward reply. It’s appreciated! 🙂

  • Can we signup with country as Australia or should i change to UK to get this offer? if anyone has successful to claim this offer, kindly share.

    • Is your ID from the UK?

      • No, i mean after signup in coinbase ,should change to uk or will eligible to get with Aus coinbase account? thanks

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    Yay my £50 cashback has tracked… but it is not yet payable. Any idea how long it takes to become payable? @aya808

    • Cool. How many days did it take?l to track?

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        About 2 days. Just waiting for it to become payable.

  • It was pain to get text verified. Have made a purchase of $5 so let's see if it is tracked and more importantly whether it is paid out.

  • My 50quid cashback is payable now - also had a 30% or so BTC growth on my initial funds

    • But I am unable to cashout the topcashback to PayPal, only to a UK bank account

      • Use Wise for a UK bank account (sort code and account number).