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Seiko Samurai PADI $399, Citizen Promaster $399, Seiko Premier Solar $219 Delivered @ Starbuy


Other deals:
Citizen Promaster BN4049-11E, $399

Seiko Premier SNE453P, $219

Citizen Automatic NY0085-86E, $199

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  • Those first two are pretty bold designs. I like the third one though.

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    Pepsi bezel! Nice

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    This has also dropped to $279, from mid to high $300s yesterday.


  • These will probably form as part of the Weekend Flash Sale

  • I've always wanted to buy one of these for my Dad, but I always kept missing the sales. Thanks OP!

  • I see a lot of similar blue-and-red banded watches fairly regularly, are they all different models?

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      The base models are different. They are almost always divers watch with a rotating bezel. This is the Samurai model and quite loved by the watch enthusiasts for its bold looks and the reliable 4R35 movement. It's a good price considering Australian stock but personally I have not invested in it.

      • So they re-use the bezel?

        • Not sure I understand. Each model has a different bezel because the watch dimensions are different. Google 'Seiko Pepsi' and you will find that this red and blue colour is shared by different models such as Samurai, Turtle, Seiko 5 etc.

  • I have Save the Ocean Blue Samurai. Paid the same price a few months back. Beautiful watch. Good price at 399$. Its about 750$ at the local jewellery stores.

  • Nice watch, I bought this a few years ago from Starbuy (a little bit cheaper than $399 though) but sold it on because I wasn't happy with the classic Seiko misalignment issues.. I have bought other Seikos from Starbuy, but made sure to inspect in person at their Sydney CBD office where possible. Much happier with my purchases on those occasions (obviously not possible now)!

    • not sure if Starbuy changed process, but in the Sumo I got from them a month ago was a letter from Starbuy asking to inspect the watch without removing the plastics, to make sure all cosmetics were fine. in the letter mentioned they inspect the watches too.

  • Oohh Seiko Premiers, I have a lovely SRX-001 moon phase in the collection. This one is tempting.

  • I quite like the Seiko Premier Solar watch, but would it be too formal to wear for everyday though?

    • I believe so. But a great price for a great watch.