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Allen's Party Mix Bulk Bag Lollies 1kg $7.89 (Min 2) + More Options + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Bags are getting smaller, but still a decent price.

Other options
Allen's Classic Jellybeans, 1kg $7.89
Allen's Retro Party Mix Bulk Bag Lollies 1kg $7.89

Also for people requiring dental work
Allen's "Red Ripperz" Redskins 800g $7.27

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  • +1

    I love Allen’s lollies.. they make my heart go giddy up

    Bought 2, thxOP

  • +4

    $1.50 for the normal size this week at woolies.

    • +5

      Yes and works out a few cents cheaper than this deal (when worked out on 1kg price). Makes more sense buying at Woolies.

      • +14

        But the joy of receiving 2kg of lollies in the post is worth a few cents…

    • -1

      $1 at aldi for their naturals brand, better than allens imo but not as good as the natural confectionery company

      • -1


        natural confectionery definitely the best

      • +3

        I prefer the Aldi brand to Allen's now. But as for the Natural Confectionary Co, they taste like plastic to me.

        • I'll have to try them again, did you get a bad batch. Allen's is definitely the worst tasting, never mind not being natural.

          Each to their own I suppose, I guess people like paying 50% more thinking they are getting a better product. The same doesn't hold true for everything at aldi of course (can't imitate Tim tams). Their bagels and wholemeal sliced bread are amazing though.

  • does anyone unironically like party mix better then retro party mix ?!.
    retro party mix is just so much better.

    • +2

      No peaches and cream in the retro party mix

    • +2

      The bananas are awesome

    • +3

      They both taste like a jumbled mess of leaked flavours to me.

      Everything ends up tasting like banana or some other fruit contaminant.

      I came here for the sugar, godammit!

      • Maybe you could try the 1kg of white sugar for $1

        • Try it?

          I've got the white sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, castor sugar, icing sugar, Allan Sugar - you name it.

          This diabetes isn't gonna manage itself…

      • +1

        exactly my thoughts

        • +1

          You are clearly a fellow of good taste and refinement…

      • +1

        Agree. Allen's USED to be good, but no more. As well as the 'leaked' flavours, the textures of each lolly is exactly the same consistency. I remember as a kid the black cats were hard and very chewy. You had to chew it to extract the flavours which made it much more satisfying. The bananas were also hard and chalky (in a good way) where as now they are soft like everything else. It's like they are using the same exact ingredients to make each piece, but just adding different dyes and flavours.