How Do I Activate My New Boost Service with a Current Boost Service?

I'm with boost now, so i cannot activate the $300 plan… Do I have to switch from other providers?


  • they dont allow you to port your numbers to new services

  • If you have a$300 starter, speak to them via chat
    They can help you do that. It involves activating the sim then they'll transfer your number across to that sim

    Alternate is port out then port in

    (sorry if I've misunderstood the question)

    • Yes, but a little different.
      You will use your current Boost SIM, but they will change the settings on their end, and it will convert from your usual (monthly?) account to the 12-month account.

      Unless there's a special need, then they will personally send you a white/blank SIM card, which will have the account for you. This happened to me when I "transferred" from Telstra to Boost, and wanted to keep my number.

  • Don't port out with providers that use the Telstra Network like Woolies or Aldi.

    Port out to something cheap like Dodo (who use Optus I believe) then port back into Boost using the $300 Boost sim 12 month.

  • Port here for a month (or until you use the 40gb), then port back to Boost :