LG TV Remote Recommendations

Hello fellow mates I need some help with trying to find the best cheapest site to purchase a Lg tv remote
The current one I have is the LG magic remote

Would like the same or something that will work the same with my smart TV

Ive currently download the remote on my phone..


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      Great thanks $40 plus’s free delivery 👍

  • What's the remote in the phone app called? I had it a long time ago but I couldn't find it recently

    • unless it works over wifi it may not work on newer phones as you need an IR transmitter to control them the traditional way.

      a lot of phones used to come with IR transmitters, but not anymore. most phones these days do not have IR transmitters and thus do not have the capability to replace a traditional remote control.

      • Yes it needs to have the same wifi connection on both tv and mobile.

    • Just typed in lg tv remote in App Store and it came up , tv needs to be connected to your mobile device for it to work