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Apexel Phone Camera Lens $12.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Aipai optic via Amazon AU


Of course some smart Ozbargainers can find cheaper than this but this is 50% off using the code.
I was looking out for a Lens for me iphone and came across this and when i saw its 50% off , i didnt hesitate to buy it.
Hope some one find this useful.

Apexel Phone Camera Lens,18X Optical Camera Mobile Zoom Lens Manual Telescope Lens with Clamp for iPhone X/8 7/6S/6 Plus/5/4 Samsung and Most Android Smartphones


Not a first time poster so be harsh with me .
Have a great weekend.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    That thumbnail LOL

  • Pretty sure they're sub-fiver on ebay with free delivery from China

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    If you like this, you'll love my satellite dish and tower set that conveniently bolts onto your mobile phone - never again will you miss a call due to bad reception!

  • The thumbnail makes this look like a shitty infomercial

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      are you tired of having to squint when perving at the neighbour in the opposite apartment block? well now you can perve in higher definition AND make the memory last forever at the same time - introducing to you the "Perviscope"

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    Warning! They offered to give me a $10 amazon voucher, if I posted a 5 star review on their amazon page. Don't trust the reviews on their page.

  • Not a first time poster so be harsh with me

    That's the spirit OP. Here's an upvote for that.

    I wouldn't want to be close to anyone who whips this bad boy out in public 🤪

  • OP says, 'Of course some smart Ozbargainers can find cheaper than this…'

    In that case, it's not a bargain, bro - GTFO!

  • Thanks, OP. Love to experiment with crap like this. I buy one phone per decade but I’m an excited owner of the iPhone 13 Pro this week, so I gotta maximise the honeymoon period for as long as I can!

    FML I bought the 128gb because I “justified” the minimalism but 128gb doesn’t get the 4K ProRes, only 1080P, it turns out. Anyway, HD is a good limitation anyway (and that’s all cinematic mode is, after all)

    • Also Apexel’s clip is absolute s**t. Their anamorphics aren’t very good either. These are toys above all, like a kinder surprise. But experimenting with telephotos is - in my opinion - the most fun a budding photographer can have. Because you stop caring about sharpness, perfection, etc. and you start making collages with the world. It’s such fun.

      Saying that, I need a sturdy case that lets me screw in these 17mm lenses - anyone?