Help in Creating a New Clothing Website

So my Mrs has just started a clothing business and looking for some online business too. As this pandemic hit so hard in terms of hours lost at work, so she ended up starting this clothing business. Initially, It's all women's clothing, but once business will grow a bit will think of adding some kid's stuff too, and so on.

Is anyone aware of any link or reference for creating a successful clothing website that doesn't charge arm and leg in the beginning?

Appreciate your all help



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    Fartbook, Scumtree, Etsy, Shopify…

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    Without knowing any details no-one can give you any more advice than what you can google yourself.

    Also is it printed t-shirts or your own brand?

    I can't imagine it being easy to sell clothing….

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    Go to Facebook and join a group such as Likeminded Bitches Drinking Wine. The group is for small business owners/entrepreneurs/start-ups/side-hustlers/mumpreneurs and has a thriving community where every possible question has already been asked!

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    I looked into this for a friend recently but it's all been on hold as the retail shop fitout has been delayed. Short answer is it varies widely depending on exactly what you want (and I was primarily looking at ecommerce plus retail POS solutions) and also how much you can DIY or if you need a consultant/developer/designer. Shopify is one of the simplest and popular but can also be very expensive not only in up front fees but also has the highest payment processing rate. Worth looking at WooCommerce (need a lot more knowledge to DIY IMO but potentially cheap if you can), BigCommerce, Squarespace and Ecwid and look at what they off at various tiers and cross reference that to your wants/needs now but also in the future if it takes off.