Suggestions for Hard Drive Recovery Service

Hi everyone,

I am looking for hard drive recovery service, do you know any good one in Sydney? prefer someone that you used it before. and roughly how much it will cost?

my daughter was browsing our videos and accidentally knocked the hard drive of the table.
its MyBook for Mac 4TB.

any help appreciate it already feel sad about it :(


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    You may want to consider shucking it (remove the internal HDD from the enclosure) and get an appropriate USB adapter to connect to PC and copy over to a new drive. More often that not, the external drive controller breaks, not the hard drive itself.

    I would try that before spending hundreds on a recovery service.

    Then get a new drive and have a backup strategy. 4TB drives are around $99 and can be formatted for Mac.

    • thanks for replying, you gave me hope! I will give that a go.

      is that adapter works with powered hard drive? Now when I plug the hard drive the lights turn on and I can hear it trying to read but nothing comes up. There is no clicking sounds or noises just soft sounds. You recon we have a chance?

      • I think there's definitely a chance it's the controller rather than hard drive. No clicking is great news. I would first try connecting to another computer and if still no luck, follow that video (if it looks like the same unit) and open it up carefully first to check what kind of connection it has.

        WD are known to sometimes have different variants or even soldered on controllers. Hopefully it's bog standard SATA like the video. If so, that adapter would work but would need 12V power as well which doesn't come with it but you should be able to use the one you have already for the external drive enclosure.

        As shown here:

        • I tried another computer but no luck. I will order the amazon's adapter and see how it goes. I opened it from the case, I have the SATA adapter which is good news.

          here is the sound it makes

          it lasts for a minute or so then shut itself down.

          Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it.

          • @msmhw: Sounds like platters are spinning, but head is not able to move. I would say the controller is working, so another controller is unlikely to solve the problem, but for a nominal amount worth trying.

            The good thing is that the data is very likely salvageable, however data recovery service will be expensive.

  • I used EaseUS data recovery wizard on a portable hard drive (WD MAC 4TB) that corrupted from a power failure. Almost lost hope but managed to recover what i think is all my photos, thousands so I think it’s all there. All metadata and naming and organisation was lost but the photos and videos were recovered.

  • Same question as OP. I have taken to a computer repair shop and they said I need specialist service.

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    I used Payam Data Recovery approximately 12 years ago. The 3.5" drive failed in its infancy and a replacement motherboard did not bring it back. About 90% was recoverable and the cost was about $1k with the service taking several days.

    • Never used them or any other but I believe they're the largest in Aust.

  • Hi,
    I have had a few over the years and a simple recovery that I have tried first is as follows.
    1. Take the hard drive out of it's case and place it in a seal able plastic bag and place it in the freezer for at least a Day.
    2. Take it out of the freezer let it thaw out (don't force it)
    3. Connect USB adapter and plug in to your PC.
    4. Best of Luck

  • I've used this bloke twice -twice successful

    • how much did it cost you?

      • Cant remember to be honest..

  • update1; called a couple of DR services and most of their prices start from $800 up to $1600.

    One company recommended I connect the hard drive to windows and see if there is anything different. After installing Bootcamp, I plugged the hard drive and noticed the windows recognize the hard as MyBook but no files showed up.

    After accessing the Disk Management, I can see the hard drive but it's unknown, Not Initialized.

    here screenshot.

    I am not sure if this is good news or bad but need to wait for their reply and see what they think.

    Do any of you guys have any idea?

  • I guess the unknown part is because it's formatted for MacOS?

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