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40% off Cadbury Roses 1kg Box of Chocolates $16 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W (Online Only)


Great deal - actually $28 in store (went there & scanned at the price check kiosk - re-read Only Online). Closest Woolworths can manage is 450g Favourites but would cost you more than $20 to match the amount.

Be aware they say "Due to large amount of use - delays to processing order", there were lots of people in there - ordered approx 3:30 pm thinking, "maybe by 6pm?" - nah waiting for email this morning.

EDIT just got the Come &:Collect email. (Ordered 2 at that price).

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    Oh, Cadbury Favourites 820g are $14 too - assuming Online Only too (some lollies prices Are in store Woolworths Jelly Beans 320g were $2 but sold out). Link for Favourites :-


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    Wow - Roses are our 'special gift'

    Proposed to my wife with her engagement ring in a box of Roses - we share a box on all special occasions B/Day - V/Day - Anniversary (tomorrow) - Christmas … etc.
    *** Have done for 23 years

    • It's any interesting sort of gift box shape (bought before) folds in from the top & keeps well in tropical temperatures due to extra insulation of the cardboard on top (also says gift message for home delivery only).

    • Off topic but what’s your Top tips for maintaining a happy and long marriage?

      Happy anniversary for tomorrow matey

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        Low expectations

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          True . No expectations no disappointment.

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Understand, sacrifice, reason, negotiate.

            In that particular order.

            Before getting into a disagreement about what each other want, take a moment to understand what they want and why they want it.

            Once you understand, but prepared to make sacrifices, but the only way this works is if both parties understand. Sacrifice each other’s times and sometimes involves plans to make the other happy.

            Make sure it’s within good reason. If it has 0 benefit for the other party it’s too big of a sacrifice and they won’t understand. Be prepared to negotiate within reason.

            Lastly ask yourself occasionally (including now) - what have I done for my partner today?

            If that answer is nothing (I know it’s 9am as of typing) then go do something :) go give ‘em a hug and a big smooch - it’s the little things.

            (10 years in Feb.)

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              @SlifSlif: Hold up, hold up.

              You expect us to do all that and buy them chocolates?

              Pick a lane, brother…

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        LOL - echoing sentiments

        • Understand that the reason you marry a person is the same reason you should fight to stay together - sure not always is it perfect - but the times that it is not are going to re-occur with other people - so it is not the bad times you concentrate on - it is the good times - and the reason you were attracted to them in the first place.

        • Develop (or be forced into) a common interest.

        • A foot massage - scratch is always welcomed and a nice way of showing love and respect.

        • Be a stress eater and your partner a stress baker

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        Don't get life insurance….you always want to be worth more to the wife alive than dead.

    • the usual suspects of shit posters replied to the question, and as always, with nothing useful to add

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    Great deal OP. Shame that chocolate seems to be excluded from their usual free shipping over $65.

    • It wasn't when I ordered last night.

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    Good price! It's a pity Roses chocs are shite compared to what they used to be :( they got rid of all the good flavours and butchered the mint one (arguably the best flavour). So sad.

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      Agreed - I use to give them as gifts when visiting people overseas who liked a half-decent chocolate. With the repacking came a change in their taste (night and day) and wouldn't care less if they were giving them away for free.

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      See this article from Jan 2019 https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/eat/fans-livid-over-c...

      we used to love roses - but never bought it since they wrecked it.

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      Amen to that!

    • Agree, still sad about the change (especially the mint and strawberry) and no one likes the new ones here so don't buy any more

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    Cadbury has no idea how to make chocolate

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      I disagree.

      Call me crazy, but I reckon they know a whole lot more about making chocolate, than they do about, say, nuclear physics…

      • I would say they know a little bit more about chocolate compared to nuclear physics

        but I stand corrected, they have no clue how to make chocolate that tastes good, period

        • What's a good company/ies that knows how to make good chocolate?

          • @CrispyChrispy: Lindt

            some of the things Nestle does aren't bad (but I haven't seen their good chocolates in this part of the globe, sadly)

            some of Ritter chocolates aren't bad

            also the chocolates with whole nuts you stumble across at Aldi are worth a shot

            Cadbury doesn't even qualify as chocolate in my books

            just my opinion on the topic: damn hard to find good chocolates or desserts in Oz. Laurent bakeries do okay in this department. Brunetti is just horrible. anything found in run of the mill cafe around the corner isn't worth a penny.

            in Europe (think Austria or France) I don't think I ever had a coffee without a tiny dessert that just makes the whole experience divine.

            here I just drink my coffees like milkshake. coffee does taste fantastic here though. credit where credit is due

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          All the more reason Cadbury should be celebrated for establishing global market share dominance in the apparent total absence of clues about how to make chocolate that tastes good.

          For the record, whilst I may one of the billions of people who they have apparently duped into believing that they enjoy their chocolate, I would still take them over almost any other chocolate I have had in the world since the age of 18. Admittedly, virtually everything I recall from my childhood smelled, tasted or felt better - but I'm unwilling to blame that all on Cadbury.

          They can hardly be held responsible for the gradual decline of music since the 1980's…

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      well the original cadbury in the uk is different - they even said it themselves during the tour. the chocolate has a different formula for Australia bcoz of different weather. something about palm oil or something. imho the uk one is better.

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        That kind of customization for local tastes, climate and supply sources suggests Cadbury know an awful lot about making chocolate.

        Still reckon they'd struggle with a nuclear reactor…

  • Ah my least favourite gift of my childhood

    • oh the number of times I found these in Xmas hampers

      damn! ruins a whole week

  • This or quality street?

    • Quality street are the veritable pinnacle of confectionery excellence…

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    the aren't anywhere near as good as they used to be

  • Going to run out shortly
    High point
    Has no stock now

  • They're not as good since they stopped making them in NZ

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    Not as good since they stopped the foil wrapping.

    • I thought the sealed foil wrapping was one of the things they changed to with the product update last year?

      • Okay so it's foil but not the nice foil wrapping they had years back.