Home Gym/Power Rack - Which Supplier?

Looking to move away from my local gym into a home setup.

All i'd really need is a power rack, olympic barbell, adjustable bench and a set of 5KG - 20KG plates. Circa $2500.

This market is SATURATED.

Some look more serious than others, with lots of rubbish in between.

Hoping to draw on OzBargain brain bank on which brands/makers produce better quality gear.


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    Go with someone established.
    Luckily a pot of the shonky backyard importers have all folded (cough varnika strength). So anyone left with a trading history of more than 2 years should be relatively ok.

    Rogue if you can afford it.


    Inc freight I spent approx 2500 and got

    Custom pylo box
    Basic fid bench
    Basic Olympic bar
    Pair of weights from 5-20kg in 5kg steps
    2x 24kg adjustable db
    Ptp pro pack resistance bands
    2x 12kg kettlebells
    1 x 1x16 1x20 1 x24 kettlebells
    Basic power rack with safety arms, lat pull down, dip attachment and pull-up attachment.

    Prob could do a lot better for the money now as I got it at heigh of initial lockdown 2018. Most of above sourced through gym direct. I don’t recommend them for service as it’s non existent but the price is pretty okay.

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      Wow you were locked down in 2018? Nearly 4 years now!

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        2019 sorry. Tbh I’m not even sure what year I’m in half the time.

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          We didn't get locked down to 2020 ;)

        • Tbh I’m not even sure what year I’m in half the time.

          i know the feeling.
          Also forgetting what pre-lockdown life was like!

    • Just curious as to how essential kettle bells are for a home gym set up?
      They seem to be pretty popular when I see people doing out door training. But when I last when to a gym now more than 10 years ago, I don't recall them having any kettle bells.

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        You can definitely do without. When I went on an all-or-nothing last ditch effort to get a defined 6 pack by age 30, I was doing 15min warm up kettlebell swing, then a 1.5hr strength workout then 20 min more of kettlebell swings. Stacked this with intermittent fasting, strict diet and 6 days a week workout. I got really good results but was bloody miserable.

        I’ve put on all the weight I lost, plus 10kg now though since lockdown and had 2 kids since then… but when I can find my motivation I will be going again for same routine and hoping muscle memory helps me out.

        I will add- no shame in starting light, when done with good form it’s a great workout in itself and great way to build cardio and strength up for whole body. IMO best value for a cardio heavy workout.

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          ABS are made in the kitchen.

          • @askme69: Kfcs kitchen in my case.

            Thats where i get my protein with all the great deals currently

        • Im a runner but need to find the time to add some strength work.
          Prefer to do low volume/high intensity but thats not that practical with my home set up.

        • 100% agree with no shame starting light. Must emphasise (in bold no less 😄) learning how to lift weights with good form.

          Two biggest benefits:

          1. Your effort returns good results — don't waste your time doing the wrong thing, with little to show for it
          2. You don't injure yourself, either temporarily or for life

          6 days a week workout

          Rest days are underrated. Don't know how intense your workouts are, but when you start lifting heavy or with greater volume, you need recovery time to consolidate gains, or you risk overtraining and injury.

          Oh, and the odd KFC is fine. Celebrate the wins.

  • Hammer strength

  • Rogue for the best quality home setup.

  • Recently bought some rogue weights and a barbell from iron rebel, rate the quality of both. Somehow the rogue bumpers are still cheaper than per kg than what you'd get at rebel or other mainstream suppliers. Looking to get a basic squat rack soon so would love some opinions

    • Looking to get a basic squat rack

      Cinder blocks stacked.

  • Iron edge

  • Check out kingkong fitness
    They are Melbourne based
    I’ve purchased mine from them and it’s pretty darn good
    It’s no commercial grade power rack but it’s amazing value for a home gym without the crazy price tag- I’ve had mine for a year now and no problems at all

    If wanting to spend a little more go rogue

  • Main thing just want a decent one for pin presses, it’s weird when you don’t see YouTube reviewers show how well they can do this on budget ones and act like everyone is a Olympic lifter.

  • My recommendations:


    1 OB5 5 Foot Olympic Bar $129.00 10.00% $129.00
    2 HTOWP1000 10kg Olympic Hammertone Weight Plate $40.00 10.00% $80.00
    1 HTOWP500 5kg Olympic Hammertone Weight Plate $20.00 10.00% $20.00
    2 HTOWP250 2.5kg Olympic Hammertone Weight Plate $10.00 10.00% $20.00
    2 HTOWP125 1.25kg Olympic Hammertone Weight Plate $5.00 10.00% $10.00
    2 HTOWP2000 20kg Olympic Hammertone Weight Plate $80.00 10.00% $160.00
    1 OSC Olympic Spring Collars - Pair $14.95 10.00% $14.95
    2 RGF1 15mm Black Rubber Gym Flooring $35.00 10.00% $70.00

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    You don't need all that gear.