How to Address Selection Criteria? - NSW Pathology

Hi All! I’m from the private sector looking to get into an Asst Mgt Accountant role with NSW Pathology.
One of the selection criteria is:
“Existing knowledge of NSW Health system and relevant legislation”.
Does anyone know how to address the said criterion? I think the way it’s worded is to restrict outsiders from applying. Your thoughts, pls.
Thank you!

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    Have you worked within the NSW Health system before?

    Are you familiar and can demonstrate knowledge of the Health legislations in place?

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      No, that’s why I said I was looking to get in.
      I am familiar now as I have read the link and yes, I can demonstrate the legislations on place.

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    I you dont know it your applying for the wrong job.

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      someone commented the link so I know now

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    This position may not suit you.

  • oh the financials of a government department.

    rip 2 u

    • Hi Daniel Maya

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    Could be retitled "OP would like to crowd-source job interview answers so he can obtain the role he wants"

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    Seriously OP - would you like us to do your job too?

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