Google Assistant/Home with Galaxy S21 Issues "something went wrong, please try again"

Heya, I'm hoping I'm with a couple hundred others who got the Galaxy S21 at the Telstra Day.

I used the samsung copy assistant to migrate stuff from my old android phone. Since then, my galaxy has troubles with google.

Whenever I do a hey google, it says "something went wrong, please try again". It doesn't know what's in my home.

If I reboot the phone, it will work again. Then it fails again a day later . Or sometimes longer.

In myactivity. you can see it, as "Unknown voice command"

Anyone have the same experience?


  • Have you just tried removing your voice, and re-adding it?

    • didn't see that. But saw a place to 'retrain voice' and did that.
      it feels more like it's not even trying to access the internet when that happens. cuz when I reboot it's fine.

    • I also did a test where instead of talking I press the keyboard and then type in something like what's the time. And it still fails after trying for about 5 seconds. So it's not trying to access my personal details it's just something simple