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LEGO Creator Expert: London Bus (10258) US$104.99 + US$2 Delivery @ Zavvi US


Retired Set. This could be your last chance to buy this lego set at ~AUD$150.

Promobricks reports that the 2017 set has reached its final stop, which means you don’t have long left to grab it from LEGO.com and in LEGO Stores. Once the current supply has dried up, that’s it: 10258 London Bus will have terminated its four-year journey.

That info tallies with Brick Fanatics’ sources, which indicate that the Creator Expert set will retire for good by the end of the year. If it has already left production lines, though, there’s no guarantee any remaining stock will last through to December, so you’ll probably want to bump it up your priority list if you’re still after a copy.


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  • Thank OP, bought 3

    My 4 year kid is obsessed with this set

    • Wow that's some obsession!

      Bought one to add to my collection. Paid full price last time from Lego.com because was worried I'd miss out

      • Buying LEGO at full price?

        • +1

          As opposed to discounted price? What kinda ridiculous idea is that!

    • +3

      My 4 year kid

      AFOL favorite line when buying Age 16+ sets ;)

      AFOL: "Honey, I need to get these LEGO sets for our kid"

      Partner: "Sure, okay" 🤨🤨🤨

      • You know how those 4yo kids can be about lego…

        "No daddy - I don't want one. I want three. Unopened and in mint condition for resale!"

  • Bought 2 , thx

  • I love the way every1 is buying multiples .
    Even though I like the look of the set I can't get myself to buy 1 .

  • +1


  • Don’t forget to use coupon

  • -1

    Equates to $154.04 AUD

    • +2

      $147.88 with Latitude 28deg Mastercard . Just checked receipt

  • Thanks OP, been eyeing this for a while and at this price, too good to pass. Grabbed one. Cheers.

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • +2

    Damn Lego not cheap

  • Thanks OP!!! $189+ elsewhere..

  • Cheers got one. Hopefully in a few years time my son will appreciate it lol

  • Ordered. Thanks OB!

  • Ordered! Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Got 1!

  • $155 on my Amex with tracked shipping

  • Well there's something I didn't know I needed. Thanks OP!

  • Picked up a bus

  • Nice set, grabbed one! Where does Zavvi US dispatch from anyone know? TIA

    • +1


    • +1

      Yep, UK and I think they drop ship meaning that it's actually Lego doing the shipping. Also, dispatch is not as fast as they make out.
      I've always received items I've ordered from them but it's always taken longer than I expect.
      My last order from them was Sep 11th, it's now through customs and expected to arrive to me Mon-Wed in Sydney. Just giving you a rough guide so you know what to expect.

      • Not dropshipping. They always use lego factory-boxes when possible.

        • Ok.
          PS: Update was delivered today, Sunday.

  • Ordered one during the last sale unfortunately box was pretty crushed up.

    • Mine came with a makeshift box and the end of it wasn't even sealed properly. The Lego box ok though, but no bubble wrap just extra cardboard around it. Very poor packing

    • Received R2D2 from these guys in the last week, and it was packaged OK. Large outer box, and crap tonne of air pockets. It made it in great shape given the distance.

      Ordered 31/8 (AU)
      Dispatched 30/8 (UK)
      Export Hub Surrey 8/9 (UK)
      Melbourne Customs 13/9 (AU)
      Regional VIC Delivery 21/9 (AU)

      • Same packing. Wish they put air pockets not just on top but underneath as well.

  • Now I gotta start looking for the light kit!

  • Put in a big order so I can flood the market and decrease the resale value for the scalpers

    • Sigh…. was at checkout moved to the next page and the site literally stopped. Hard refresh SOLD OUT……… then i see this. Got OzB'd.

  • Somebody went crazy I was checking stocks and had like 100 in my cart .
    They forgot to check the European flood of the set that been keeping the price depressed for the last couple years .

  • My bus lego arrived today

    • Glad it wasn't running late, even though rumour dictates that another one would have followed right behind it…

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