GeForce Now Discussion

So the closed beta is now running via Pentanet, curious who else got a beta invite? I'm gonna run it through my Shield Pro, though realised my Steam library is a bit small lol

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  • No invite here. 🙁

  • I got a invite, a shame on how limited the library is right now, but it is a closed beta

  • Level 6 just got the invite will boot up my dell xps13 and give it a whirl

    • GeForce levels. What is that?

      • +1

        You had to do the weekly quiz etc and you level up the higher the level the more likely you were to be invited to the beta

  • I’ve got a invite! level 6 i’m going to try it on the new M1 Macbook Air and Dell XPS 15. Hope it’s good Finally its here