Alienware R12 - Nicehash - What's your Fan/Overclock Setting and your mining rate?

Hi all,

As per topic, I am curious what Ozb's Fan/Overclock Setting when mining.

Mine is Alienware R12, 3080 RTX NonLHR

87.74 MH/s (Generally around 90-95, highest 110, lowest 84)
199w (Generally around 210w, highest 220w, lowest 199w)
Vram T - 94 degree (highest of 100 degree, generally 98 degrees)
GPU T - 41 degree (generally 40s, lowest of 37 degrees, highest 47 degrees)
Eff 0.41 MH/J

Fan Setting - Top Fan Offset 70% (Current Fan Speed 85%)
Fan Setting - Front Fan Offset 60% (Current Fan Speed 69%)

Power limit 100%
Thermal Limit 83 degree
Core Clock 0 mhz
Memory Clock 0 mhz

I am trying to reduce the VRAM Temp to 95 degree and under. Any tips folks?




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    You can't really reduce temps that much by changing OC settings, best bet it to change pads. Should be able to hit 95+ easy constantly and also stay below 90 degrees mem temps easily.

    • Problem is, that will void warranty.

      I noticed if I jumped up the fan to 90% to 100% (Front and Back), it will drop lower but boy it's very loud (on top of GPU fan noise).

      Some says 95-100 degree is manageable as long as it doesn't hit 110 degrees. But I am thinking long term here.

      • Your GPU is likely to last longer if you do change the pads, than not. You would be able to run your fans at a lower speed as well. If you are thinking long term it is better.

        Otherwise I have seen people mine with 110 degrees constant and still have no issues. So hitting below 100 is more than fine. But then again looks like you are trying to mine and use your computer at the same time.

        • Yes. I am using it both to mine during downtime, game sometimes, and for WFH.

  • Does anyone know if the 3080s are all LHR on dell now?

    • From my check, yes. 3090d are non LHRs

  • Have you tried MSI Afterburner?

    • I think Alienware AWCC does the same job.

  • You're mining on an Alienware R"X"? They are built so badly and have zero airflow. Components are low quality and you have 17mm of breathing room for air which is nowhere near enough to be used for mining. You're not going to reduce temps unless you take the RTX out of that case.

    Here's the R10 teardown which is almost identical to the R12.

    And why is your RTX3080 only using 200W? They are rated to use 300W, infact can safely go to ~350W and still remain cooler than yours. It looks like Dell may have underclocked it to avoid overheating issues?

    If you're interesting in what proper airflow looks like, here's some stats from my 3080 when mining:
    Average (247 Watts of power - Undervolted, original was 300).
    GPU Clock 1950MHz
    GPU Temperature - 57.6 C (Spikes to 69 C when at 300W, which is never due to undervolting)
    GPU Memory Junction Temperature - 78 C (Spikes to 86 C when at 300W, which is never due to undervolting)

    As you can see, even at 50 watts more than your setup, it's way cooler than the alienware. At 200W it would probably be 60 degrees on memory junction temp….

    • Thanks for this!

      You see, I am newbie and so everything is like foreign to me. That's why I am hoping to see what others are doing as comparatives.

      Yes, Alienware R12 is very small but what hope did I get to get a new PC with RTX3080 non LHR at reasonable price (lower $3ks) with i9 if it I didn't go with Alienware. That same rig is now $4.5k

      What I am seeing right now is the need to change pads which should bring the Memory Junction temperature down up to 25 degrees, then go high again.

  • Any suggestion on which pads and where to buy?

    I am thinking of getting some this week to apply next week.

    Thanks so much for the info guys…

  • Finally got Noctua NT-H1 3.5g applied along the heat sink. Apparently for Alienware, only the chipset got the thermal paste.

    One thing I noticed straight away is the absence of GFX Fan loud noise while mining. Previously, before turning on the case fan, it was already very loud.

    After jacking up the case fan:

    GPU temperature - Averaging 53-59 degree (Up from max 47 degree). GPU fan now 45% (was 100%)
    VRAM temperature - Averaging 90 degree (Down from max 100-102 degree). Max is 96 degree.
    GPU Clock 1080mhz (unchanged setting)
    Power usage relatively unchanged at 217w (Slight down)
    Mining performance relatively unchanged or minor improvement with up to 110 MH/s but stable 94 MH/s with a few occasional 89 MH/s.

    So the VRAM impact from having a new Thermal Paste is up to 10 degree cooler (and could be better, I have just applied the paste… maybe wait longer to prime). Min 6-8 degree cooler. Max is 12-14 degree cooler.

    Conclusion. There was definite Thermal Throttling (GPU fan was 100% all the time. Now 38% to 45%) and now it appears to be unhindered mining. Noise definitely at least 50% quieter (and only coming from case fan). The thermal paste appears to be delivering improved performance but not as overwhelming as most Youtubers seem to allude (like 25 degree to 30 degree VRAM cooler).

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