Change cassette from 11-30 to 11-32?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone rides with 11-32 cassette (105 groupset)? I don't feel comfortable pedalling uphill with 11-30 cassette on my bike. Would having a 11-32 make any difference?


  • It would make a difference of precisely 2.

  • I used to use this calculator:

  • From a mechanical advantage point of view, not really. Going down 2 of the front would have a greater affect.

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    I googled the answer and found this (though it's 11-28 vs 11-32):

    Just make sure your drivetrain (derailleur, chain, etc.) can accommodate 11-32.

    It's hard to answer whether it will make a difference for you, as everyone is different. It's about finding the right cadence for you, but I would say it is definitely 'better' since it gives you a lower gear and makes climbing a bit more comfortable, but the question is whether it is low enough for you e.g. 11-34 may be the sweet spot for you…

  • 11-32 will make a small difference.however if you are struggling with 11-30 it’s probably not going to make enough difference. It may not be worth he expense unless you need a new cassette anyway.

    How many speed is your system? People run all sorts of cassettes, 11-50 on MTB 1x12 but it depends if your derailleur can handle it and what your front setup is. Derailleur will need to have enough capacity for your new cassette.

    • Shimano
      Shimano 105
      11 Speed
      SM-BB71-41B, Pressfit 86.5
      Cassette : Shimano CS-R7000; 11-30 ATC; 11 Speed
      Chain : KMC X11
      Crankset : Shimano 105; 50-34 ATC
      Derailleur front : Shimano 105
      Derailleur rear : Shimano 105; GS

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        Quick search says you could potentially go to an 11-34 also without other changes.

        Don’t forget that if you have an easier gear, you’ll use it. This means you may not get the opportunity to get stronger.

        You might also end up changing the rest of the cassette a little and lose a ‘favourite’ gear. Eg years ago I looked at getting a wider range cassette and the word was that the wider range meant an odd step somewhere in the middle. That was 9spd though, an 11 will have smaller gaps.

        • Thanks. If there is nothing else required to change, I might give it a try and change it myself.

          • @RSmith: You’ll need a cassette lockring removal tool and a chain whip.

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    yes, it makes a huge difference, go for it. I am not a world class cyclist, but for most going to a 32 helps a lot. i went from a 30 to a 32 and i am doing a lot better on the uphills. 34 is even better.

    not to be a jerk, but you can also save a lot of money and just lose weight. I speak from personal experience. I am rich, so my answer is to throw money at my problems, lol. think of it like an LR truck vs HR truck going uphill, all that weight makes it harder to go uphill.

    • Thanks. I have been trying to reduce weight and have lost around 8 kgs in last 6 months.

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        that's awesome, just keep grinding. it gets easier and easier the more you do it and the more weight you lose.