Help with Our Central Heating

Hi niece and nephew,

We recently moved into a new place, which has central heating. It's the old style system, with the on off switch, and the degrees panel next to it (you slide the piece to the desired temperature.

Anyways, at the moment, the only way we can get the heating to turn on is to turn off the entire power to the home, and then when we turn the power back on, only then does it go on - something to do with the pilot light I think.

Obviously, this isn't how the heating is supposed to work - does anyone have any ideas or advice as to what can be done please? Is it something an electrician can fix, or do we need to call someone out from the company?

Thanks in advance


  • Can you go into the ceiling and find the brand. Then call supplier for a service. May need a need controller at a guess. At least it works.

  • Where you located? If you’re in Melbourne, I got a good guy