Kogan 4 in 1 38W Wireless Charging Station with QC and PD $27.99 + Delivery ($25.99 Delivered Kogan First) @ Dick Smith / Kogan


First time posting!

Was looking for a charging station after getting the S21 deal and thought this was a decent price compared to others.

  • 2x wireless charging space
  • 1x PD USB A port
  • 1x QC USB C port.
  • I know it's Kogan but is Qi enabled.

[Dick Smith Link]

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  • does this do fast wireless charging?

  • +1

    Is this a decent price for the specs it offers?

    I'll just ignore any anti-kogan chatter, we know some don't like them, they've been fine for everything qe bought (so far).

  • This might be a long shot, just wondering if such devices also do data transfers between the ports that devices are connected to through it?

    • bluetooth does

  • Question for people who might have bought this. It says it includes a power adapter. Is this the plug the plugs to wall socket? Or just the cable??