Taste The Difference Air Fryer Black 1.8 L $29 + $12.99 Delivery ($0 VIC & WA C&C with $30 Order) @ Spotlight


Air Fryer is a great way to enjoy crispy and fried treats without the oil or fat. Taste The Difference 1.8L Air Fryer is a compact appliance great to fry without use of oil or fat of any kind, still keeping the flavour. The appliance uses a hot turbo air grill to grill, roast or bake.

Easy to clean
Non stick coating
Auto shut-off timer
Country Of Origin
Made In China.
Product Capacity
1 Year

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    Air fry for ants!

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      Mmm, fried ants.

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      Why is it that every compact kitchen appliance (etc) having a specific use case of being for 1 person is disregarded entirely?

      Sorry but my kitchenette can't fit an 8L air fryer and eating that much food at once will make me sick.

      What's more alarming here is that it's got around 2.2/5 stars from 239 reviewers and the packaging looks "questionable eBay seller" quality

      • Probably the best way to heat up 1 meatpie.

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        The size is 1.8 Litre not 8 Litre……1.8 is for a single person or a couple
        When stores reopen go into KMart and have a look at a display one and open the tray

        Microwaves are say 30 Litres but how much do people cook/reheat 😉

        • The size is 1.8 Litre not 8 Litre……1.8 is for a single person or a couple

          That's exactly what I said. 1.8L is a single serving versus 8L would be a family of 4-6 say.
          Families got a 9L or so one at home and it's huge. I know what they look like lol

          As for the microwave comment I've got a Sistema microwave rice cooker (with the legs) and it just fits in my microwave - to the point it disrupts the plate trying to take it out lol. Definitely not 30kg of rice I'm cooking :)

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    • Username checks out!

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      Isn't that the normal price at Woolies? Speaking of, it's on special again

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        Thanks for the link. Wasn’t aware of this for Woollies. Came up temporarily out of stock for me.

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        The woolies one has analog dials, this one is digital. That said, I have the wollies one and it does the job fantastically.

        • Ah right didn't see the difference there, thanks for pointing it out