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[PC, Steam] Free - Banana Hell @ Steam


Free to keep game when you add it to your Steam account.

Jump your way to get the blue diamonds as you try to survive a very annoying banana monologue! A REALLY HARD game!

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    another pixel game…

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    Love the music used in the Steam clip. I won't be claiming this game, it might be fun to watch a play through.

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      Out of curiosity why wouldn't you just claim it?

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        Not a true ozbargainer…

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        Platforming isn't my idea of fun. I truly loath it and I don't want more clutter in my games list.

        • I feel ya, I used to love them as a kid but I can't stand them nowadays. The trouble is my family know I'm good at them and often ask me to help them out when they're playing them.

          • @Where's_That_Cake: I can handle some platforming if the game is very good. For example CandleMan has fantastic art work, music and (limited) narration so I suffer for the art. :)

            • @Loopholio: Just claim it, some games have trading cards you can sell and it adds value to your steam account

              • @Levity: I have no idea how the trading card thing works and very little interest in finding out, but thank you for the suggestion. :)

              • @Levity: it has no cards, if a game has "Profile Features Limited" on the page it won't have anything.

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    Looks a bit weird… my 6 year old was looking at the game play and then so wonderfully demonstrating his reading skills… reading out the Banana's exclamations… S**t!

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    open steam, click, close steam.


  • Can't get past the damn levels..
    Anyone else have luck?

    (profanity) the forest of frustration!

  • Cheers!