Compiled Sanity Template Seems a Little Bit Complex

Hey all,

I wanted to try out the compiled sanity but was a little surprised at how much data one had to enter before it was useful (

Specifically having to enter every stock and crypto buy you have ever made.

Did you end up adding all this info or did you shortcut it somehow?



  • Well you just put in what you want to track.

    • Not exactly. Formulas wont work unless you fill all these tables out.

      • Not exactly. How does a formula know if you have put in 100% of trades or 50%? Hint: It doesn't.

        • Which will yield inaccurate and useless data.

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    He's mentioned in his forums that you don't have to enter in every single trade. You only have to do that if you want the per parcel breakdown and performance stats.

    He's said you can just enter 1 transaction for each holding that you have. You can then use an average price to have semi-accurate benchmarking, or just todays price if you're purely tracking your net worth and don't care about the stats. You can use the new CGT feature too if you enter individual items.

    Ultimately it took a bit of setup for me but it's been well worth it. It's minimal entry each month and I love how I can see everything in complete detail. But totally understand that it can take time. In that case I'd just enter in 1 transaction for each stock you own.

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      Thats helpful. I will start there.

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    It is a bit of work to fully set up, you're right, but a lot of stuff won't change that often afterwards. You'll get good results from minimal monthly input. I quite like what it provides and only spend about 15mins checking over it each month-end, and quickly adding a new ETF purchase line when I make one (1min work).