Xbox Series X Repair? Where to Go?

Help.. broken Xbox Series X console, where do I go? its self broken and costs $500 to repair from Microsoft which is a big rip off, where else can I go or should I hold onto it until they make it cheaper, if so how long would that be?
the dvd drive cable connector is broken


  • Almost be worth selling it for parts and buying a new one ? Surely there's a 3rd party repairer that could do it alot cheaper ?

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    How on earth did you break the dvd drive cable connector?

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      That moment you try to mod an $800 console and fk it up 😂

      • No, did you not read?
        " its self broken "

    • oh um idk mistakes happen when you try fix things.

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    Eb games have a repair service called reboot it is a one off payment no matter how big the repairs it cost $149 for a Xbox 1x not sure about a series x you would have to ask them

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    If it really broke itself then I'd be claiming warranty/ACL fitness for purpose and chasing a free repair or replacement.

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      I read "self broken" as meaning OP broke it, so warranty does not apply. I can't imagine any scenario where an internal connector would just spontaneously break.

      • May have triggered self destruct sequence.

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    Sell to Russia.

  • Out of warranty?

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      all xbsx is under warranty now as it is less than 12 months from release. So it means OP screwed up trying to do a mod so it will be ineligble for claim.