Recommendation for Skylight n solar tube installer

Looking to get Skylight / Solar tube installed in my lounge.
I'm in Sydney.

Looking for recommendation as no idea who to approach. Also how much does it roughly cost?


  • Have you looked at the Illume products. You can DIY and they are a lot less intrusive.

    • i did. They look good for the bathroom. However, i need to bigger one for the lounge room and more natural light
      have you got it installed?

  • I have put one of these in my hall and kitchen (600x600 for the kitchen, 300x300 for the hall) and they are fantastic, my wife was very skeptical when I got one for the hall to begin with and said "we don't need that etc" and once installed she practically insisted we did the kitchen one too!

    • Which product did you install? How much did it cost?

  • Illume premium flush mount ..
    Just got them from bunnings special order, solar panel on the roof with wire running through the roof to the 'light' and just cut the plaster board in the roof..
    They take about 1 - 1.5 hrs each to install, very simple and straight forward. As I said in the previous post the difference they've made is exceptional. I have a 'real' skylight in my study and wish I had the illume in there instead to be perfectly honest

    The 'premium' range claims to be brighter but is more expensive

    • Interesting. You installed yourself. I got quote with installation for around $1300 for the 700 x 700. 300 was for $800

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        Self install was pretty simple, I consider myself moderately handy, there is videos on the illume website, they consider it a DYI product

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    I had a Solatube installed in an internal room of my current home. There are no windows in this room. I had the solatube installed by a recognised installer of the company, which is based in Western Sydney. It has made a great difference to this room, and electric light illumination is rarely required. It cost me $1100 four years ago. Various sizes available for different size rooms.