Road Bike under $1500?

Just looking for some suggestions for a roadbike under $1500


  • Bicycles online. I just bought a Strattos S4 as my permanent Zwift bike - it looks decent value and reasonable specs. My more expensive bike can be my outside bike.

    It very much depends on how much you ride. However, if you can stretch to 105s, then you'll notice the difference, especially when riding outside.

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      Decathlon do pretty decent bikes

      No they don't.

      • For how much they cost, they do.

        Obviously they're no S-works / Cervelo but you're not going to get that for under $1500 are you.

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          For how much they cost, they do.

          I looked at some there in between lockdowns and they were generally pretty crappy bikes…

          • @jv: How were they at long jump?

          • @jv: Their cheaper bikes are crappy, no better than Kmart stuff, but when you get up there in price they offer similar value to bikes 20-50% more in price.

            • @Euphemistic: The ones i saw must have weighed around 30kg

              • @jv: Probably still under 20, but just the cheap ones. Even the steel frame fat bike o got form big W was only 22kg.

                They couldn’t sell the better ones if they didn’t get close to a regular bike brand - and they’ve probably come out if he same factory as many of them too.

  • For what type of riding?

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      • Different bikes have different geometries. This affects handling and comfort. Buying an endurance bike for racing won’t be pleasant, nor will buying a race bike for all day rides.

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    If you can increase your budget 250 dollars, would recommend this:

    Shimano 105 gear all round, carbon fork, decent weight, 2 x 11 speed

    • If you can increase your budget 250 dollars

      plus pedals…

    • I bought this for $1500. It's an amazing bike, you won't regret it. Around 8.5kg too.
      Just ask nicely and of course you will need to be gold member.

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    I got mine from Kmart.

    • That’ll be well under $1500, but not very pleasant to ride and more difficult to service.

      • and more difficult to service.

        cheaper to get a new one.

        • Contributing to our throw away society? Kmart bikes are just a waste. You are much better off spending on a second hand bike and learning to service it. The parts will be easier to come by, they’ll stay in adjustment much longer and simply work better as well.

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            Contributing to our throw away society?

            It can be re-cycled.

            • @jv: Reduce, reuse, recycle. There are two steps in front of recycle that are more important. A Kmart bike doesn’t reduce waste and is hard to reuse.

    • Kmart Bikes are very low quality and not really enjoyable to ride at all.

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        and not really enjoyable to ride at all.

        That is subjective…

  • As people usually say in these threads, do look second hand. I have seen some really good deals lately (in SA) on high end bikes from 5-10 years ago, that are now selling for a small fraction of what they were new. The main thing that has changed since then is disc brakes on new bikes rather than rim brakes, but good rim brakes still work very well. If you would prefer to buy new, look for 2019 or 2020 models. Often the only difference from one year to the next is a change in colour and an increase in the RRP

    • Can you suggest some names (high end ) as some may not be aware of what to look for to start with and which model ?

      • ‘High end’ is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to brands. All the major bike shop brands sell everything from $500 basic bikes to $20k high end machines.

        Pick something from a reputable bike brand (Giant, Specialised, Merida, Scott, Trek to name a few) then google the RRP of te specific model you are looking at to get an idea of the value when second hand.

        It used to be that 50% RRP was average for anything over a couple of years old. Covid stock shortage of new bikes has driven up used prices.

      • Here are a few to look for: giant defy, specialized tarmac or roubaix, avanti corsa, trek madone, cannondale caad. There are heaps more, but these are quite well known and quite common. You can often tell where a bike sits in a manufacturer’s lineup by the groupset they have chosen. Shimano 105 and ultegra are mid-high end that I think you will be able to find in your price range. Dura ace is higher still, while tiagra is a step down. I still think tiagra is great and would be happy to have a bike with tiagra components. Older bikes are 10 speed while newer are 11 speed. I don’t think this makes much difference

      • Wrong state for you, but this just came up on gumtree. If you get an idea of what you’re looking for then keep an eye out they do come up every few weeks to months

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