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36x Nestlé KitKat Bars 41.5g $15 + Shipping (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


Good price, 42c each, short dated, but I'm not planning on storing them for winter.

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    German Kit Kats

    • Achtung Baby!!

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        They dont taste as good right?

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    Not a bad deal for kit kat maniacs as it works out to be about $1 per 100g, which is cheaper blocks even when they are on special at colesworth (~1.50/100g when half price)

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    Not really much saving compared when these are often on special in supermarkets for share packs half price. Should be much cheaper given short dated. ($2,30 per 185gm pack)

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    Good deal if you prefer your cocoa to be harvested by children.

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      Excellent point. Bought 3.

      • Bought them last time and there is something wrong with the taste of the German shorted dated Kit Kats . The Reject Shop deserves them .
        The Aussie ones kick there butt .

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          Applies to UK ones too. Even Japanese. Can't beat Aussie milk chocolate.

          • +1

            @Clear: Yeh I've preferred the Aussie ones over any others I've had don't know how people eat them

          • @Clear: i think aussie chocolate is too sweet but i'll have to test the kit kats

            • @juki: Certainly better than American ', chocolate'.

              • @Clear: haha yes that shouldnt even be called chocolate

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    Made by Nestlé..

    Why are people still supporting this company?

    • +5

      Does anyone else make Kit Kats?
      They got a monopoly on it.

      • It's good to know people are screaming how Nestlé are stealing waters and being all righteous while eating kit kat.

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          If you like kit kat you eat it?

        • Dude, some people just don’t care how evil a company is. If they like the product they peddle they’ll buy it unfortunately.

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            @Elyxar: If we boycott every 'evil' company there was, we would find there is very few or no options left for most of the things we want.

            Even buying a phone would be a challenge: China/Huawei is evil, Apple is evil, Google is evil and Microsoft is evil too. Really limits your options.

    • Grated kitten could be an ingredient in it, but have you ever tried a Kitkat? They taste amazing.

      • and don't even get me started on Chunky Kitkat…

    • +4

      i tried boycotting everything nestle and associated brands in my 20s (i was a bit of a retarded teen) and it makes it near impossible to buy anything. I dont think my boycott achieved anything other than have my friends think I'm a weirdo

      • ^This is the problem with boycotting.
        If someone tells me you should buy xyz instead because they are more ethical then yeah I'll probably do it.
        Probably more likely to achieve something buy rewarding good companies.

        • true, i do think i'd do the same.
          I forget which boycott with some video game showed that most people making noise and calling out to boycott ended up being among the early adopters (maybe CoD servers ). So most boycotts probably are as futile as online amnesty international or greenpeace petitions.

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    Was 10 bucks last time they had this short dated kitkat deal. 15 is too expensive.

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