Where to Use Low Balance Vanilla Gift Card?

I have about a dozen Vanilla Visa gift cards with about $3.00 to $10.00 left on each.

Where can i use these before the fees wipe them clean?


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    1. Split payment @ Supermarket self checkout.

    2. Post here and people will solve your headache.

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      +1 Woolworths Split Payment at Self Serve on a quiet day.

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        i do this on a busy day, no issue and no question asked

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    Hook up the Visa Debit Card to your PayPal Account and burn those cents.

    • Thanks! I will try that

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  • If you use amazon, you can buy a gift card for the exact amount you have left on the gift card

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    Use it for free trials first.

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      The Attorney General could have done that… I mean all that work and anguish over using a Blind Trust and could have used up Visa Debits.