Looking to Start a Planted Tank, Any Good Resources?


I'll start by saying I've kept fish for a number of years (guppies, gouramis, an Oscar and a silver Arowana) before I moved to Australia. Since my life was a bit less stable I held off getting a tank but recently would like to try again. I am considering getting something like a 20gal to fill it with neon tetras, some shrimp and some plants but don't know where to start looking here and also how much cost to expect.

It would be great if someone could point me to a good fish store in Sydney metro to start looking (I've really only been to slippery little suckers in the eastern subs) but even better if there's a Sydney-centric forum where I could read up and join in on discussions?



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  • Aquaristic rosebery.

  • I would assume it would cost around $500 (non-Co2 system), depending on your scape. The tank will probably be the most expensive thing on the list to buy, then your lights and then your filter.

    • Thanks for that, yeah $500 would be the upper end for me, aiming for something like $300 so I'm looking to nab a good second hand tank since I don't mind cleaning it up. I'm hoping a HOB filter would do, how big does a tank need to be before I'm better off with a canister or sump?

      • if you are doing plants only with no fish a hob would be sufficient. but they are quite noisy.,

        if you plan on shrimp or fish.. a canister would be better,

        if you want varied plants and moss, broad spectrum UV light and Co2 would be recommended.

        planted tanks aren't cheap, if you looking at only java ferns and moss. then the cost is lower.. once you start looking at more exotic plants and foilage. you better have a good setup to keep them alive or you'll be swapping out plants every 6 months,

        • Yeah since I'm coming back from hiatus I'll try not to get too ahead of myself. The plan is definitely low maintenance plants like you mentioned (maybe an anubias). I've kept plants like cabomba and HC in the past and it was a nightmare since I wasn't equipped for it so will definitely be avoiding them.

          Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check out the stores to see if the HOB noise levels are bearable.

          • @penguinswillrise: My personal preference for a filter is a sponge because it won't break and it's easy to clean, and depending on the air pump not that loud either. I run my 300L on a sponge. Sumps are super loud I think if you're doing a rack system then you'd want to put it on a sump or if it was a 6ft+ tank. Good idea to buy second-hand stuff definitely more cost-effective. You can definitely just do a bit of youtubing for ideas or more info on fish and plants.