Foot / Calf Massaging Machine Suggestions

Hi All

I'm chasing a good/effective foot / calf massage machine. I'm on my feet a lot throughout the day walking a fair bit with heavy work boots. I'm a big guy too, so figured I'd look for a machine that could help in easing my aching legs.

Any suggestions would be helpful!


  • You sound like me… As recommended by my local chemist I bought a Revitive machine few weeks ago, wasnt cheap but havent noticed much change to be honest. will give it some more time before I write it off

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      Yeah, my parents used to have this for their circulation, but I don't know if this is exactly what I'd like. More of a massage without having to go with a masseur maybe?

      • Yea thats what I wish I'd have got instead.

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    My wife got me this one from shaver shop

    It is decent, the sides squeeze in and there is a ball underneath that rolls on your foot. So it does simulate a massage. I would recommend for feet. In terms of calves I find it difficult/ my calves are so tight… I have only tried it once and it hurt a lot. The way to do it is to sit the machine up which means the squeeze is on the side and the ball behind the calf.

    If I was buying (and I have only done a quick search) something like this from Myer that has the calf massage built in would be nice. I can't comment on how these feel. I will give mine another go on the calves but it is hard to stand it up etc vs something built in.

    Side note: I have a Theragun too which is more for circulation, I wouldn't call it a massager, but it ok just not really what I wanted. If I consider something like these full massage chairs for similar cost, the chair would be much nicer / reduce the friction of having to get it and do it, as I could just sit back and relax.

    I will make do for now/ hopefully move house in a few years time and get a chair. Also may find less expensive versions of what I linked that was a quick search.