[NSW] Double Demerits for Long Weekend Cancelled

Yep, LNP cancelled double demerits to give people a break. Hail Gladys and Porky Barliro!

Source, so I don't look like an anti vaxxer following the sheep.


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    Wait until beyond 5km travels.

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    Finally a sensible move from Gladys. What's the point anyway? Not like we're speeding to get anywhere.

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      Cops are too busy enforcing covid-jihad.

    • Actually its some bright young bureaucrat who has worked out, that since the radar traps are catching so many driving 4+kph over the posted speed limits, that people will lose their licenses faster.

      Which now means less revenue. Instead of 11 fines, they will only get 5-6 before they cant drive. No driving no fines, no revenue.

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    Porky Barliro <- Super Mario Bro

    • Dont forget the constant Constance as well

    • Sweaty Mario Bros

  • Speed no longer kills.

    • So Covid19 does. :)

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    The concept of double demerits is stupid anyway. Why is the same offence twice as bad on a holiday but just ordinarily bad on a normal day?

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      Dont speak too loud - they'll double em all year round.

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      some thing just cant make sense!

      Increased Police presence (esp. if targeting reckless behavior and not <15% speeding) = fair
      Increased financial penalties = justifiable, you don't want to throwaway holiday $$$
      Increased Demerits (for nearly all offences when you've got quite a finite amount) = ???

      Add to that the fact that the DD program is largely just a NSW/ACT thing (I'm aware it exists in QLD/WA, but it doesn't seem anywhere near as substantial) and you've a mixed set of rules between states that really should be increasingly unified. I'll just pray for an actual engineer/infrastructure expert to fill the Minister for Transport role and bring some needed changes, but lets be real, that probs will never happen in my life.

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      more people going on holiday -> more cars on the roads -> accidents more likely to occur when people break the rules.

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        By that logic, demerits in peak hour should be double that of say 10 pm–6 am.

      • more cars on the roads

        Peak hour? Business days?

        This point doesn't hold up. As with pretty much any fine based system around demerits and speed cameras it's not about safety, it's about revenue raising.

        More people on the roads = more chance to fine you.

        • More revenue raising from muppets who can't drive a car properly = less tax they have to recover from everyone else. With the added benefit of increasing road safety because most people will be more cautious.

          Win win as far as I can tell?

      • more people going on holiday -> more inexperienced drivers in overloaded cars on country roads especially highways -> accidents more likely to occur when people break the rules.


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      There's a reason the death toll is higher on holidays. People take long car trips on holidays.

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        And many are sleep related. Long weekend, try to get as much packed into the holiday, long drive back tired……

        They know this, thats why so many road safety ads are "dont trust your tired self"

        Problem is they havent (yet) got an automated way to catch these "offences"

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    This should be posted as a deal!


    • 100% extra speeding for the same points

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    Must be an election coming up soon… I hope ICAC tear this woman a new one, along with her (personal opinion) arsehole deputy. You’re going have to do a little more than this media stunt to earn back some trust…

    This is the government equivalent of Shopback giving everyone a $3 voucher to forget they got hacked and leaked everyone’s personal data…

    • gonzo needs to tried for treason

  • There's an old saying in road safety. Engineers want policies that work. Bureaucrats want policies that are easy to administer. And Ministers want policies that get them in the headlines. Double demerits on long weekends was not a policy that was suggested because it actually worked. It was suggested as a gimmick by someone who had no expertise in road safety, and adopted by the Minister of the day to get himself into the headlines. They didn't dare simply doubling the penalty, because there would have been a public outcry. So they created the perception that long weekends were somehow more risky, and only doubled the penalty then.

    There was a time when long weekends were carnage on country roads. But that was a long time ago. Back when highways were cart tracks and cars speed exceeded their safety. Now country highway speed limits are still the same, even though the roads and the cars are far better.

    The numbers that are proof that it doesn't work is the reason it was resisted in some states.

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    Keep double demerits - People complain it's just to raise money
    Cancel double demerits - Government sucking up to the public

    They can't win.