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US$250 (~A$344) off Enterprise Plans @ Notion


Found a $250 off coupon for Notion. Not sure how long it it will last. I've used it for my personal and two teams now.

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    Thanks, OP. For my case, I'm currently subscribed to the Personal Pro plan. I had to do the following steps:

    1. "Seetings & Members" -> "Plans" -> click the blue "Upgrade" button under the "Team" plan (It will not charge the extra money immediately)
    2. "Seetings & Members" -> "Billing" -> "Apply coupon" -> click "Apply" -> Type "HAPPYHOUR" -> click "Apply"
    3. "Seetings & Members" -> "Plans" -> click the "Downgrade" button under "Personal Pro"
      You can go to "Seetings & Members" -> "Billing" -> "Workspace balance", it should display your $250 credit

    And you are back with the Personal Pro plan with $250 credit to pay for the upcoming subscriptions.

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    Curious, as a user of Notion personal/free, what can I actually spend this $250 on?

    • Upgrade to the enterprise edition

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    Invalid coupon code
    edit: invalid for personal annual plan. Worked for enterprise

    • How do you upgrade to enterprise plan? Couldn’t seem to see any options on the app

    • Edit: Nvm, figured it out. Doesn’t work on phone with Safari browser. Only works on desktop browser.

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    Used it to get an Enterprise account for a year then cancelled immediately - you still get the benefits until it expires.

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    Looks like a glorified gangbang Kanban board that you could probably use Gitlab to replicate. Sure, not as nice or intuitive but you could make do without paying.

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      I dont understand how you looked at notion and saw kandan first.

      Im actually impressed because its notions worst part.

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    I personally switch to obsidian from notion, was more beneficial for what I wanted.

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      I just keep my notes in Joplin synced to my Dropbox. I got fed up with everything being proprietary and not markdown (eg migrating off Evernote)

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        Joplin is similiar to evernote but I would highly suggest trying out obsidian (its the same thing, markdown etc) just in a different look.

        • HOLY MOLY…. That looks pretty good, thanks for that.

    • I just YouTube'd it and it's amazing just my kind. I just need to dedicate some time to learn it lol just hope it's free

    • +1 for Obsidian, any clues on iOS syncing by third-party services? I have some trouble with syncing iCloud data to desktop so would prefer OneDrive or Dropbox.

      • I currently don't do any saving/backing up as im using it for business stuff.

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    You join just to post this deal, without ever saying what Notion is?

    • never had anything to post before. been a long time lurker here.

  • Would this be better to use than discord for games and sharing memes?

    • nah, this is more a study/life management tool.

      Discord king for games/memes id say

    • Thanks to this comment, I don't have to click the link to see what Notion is. Thank you.

      • Don't know if you're serious, but they're completely different products

        Discord is a chat/messaging app, Notion is a note-taking app and org workspace

        • Oh ok. I still don't think that I need it.

  • thoughts on this vs Monday?

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      not a fan of Monday, I prefer the weekends :P

  • Any notion users know how to enable auto capitalisation?

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    Can be used on the "Teams" plan as well, the remaining credit seems to store against your purchase so looks like you can get ~2 years worth of a teams plan

  • Deal right here

  • Awesome thanks!

  • Does anyone know how do I upgrade this to enterprise? I have checked both the app and on desktop but can’t find it

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      When logged in, go to "Settings & Members" on the left side of the page. Then press Plans and press Upgrade under Enterprise.

      A checkout screen will pop up, enter the coupon and press complete.

      • I was on my phone and this selection wasn’t available in Safari.

        Went to my desktop browser and the selection was there.

        Thanks doweyy.

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    Thanks OP & Eatmoresushi

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      why should op eat sushi?

  • I can’t find the Settings & Members page anywhere on my phone or iPad using the desktop site. Only Notifications & settings which is no help.


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      you need to upgrade to enteprise first

  • Might not actually use it for another 10 years or so but feels nice to see a credit of $1707 in my account.. lol

  • I now have $1457 credit.

    • If only we could cashout :-P

  • Hi there,

    Kate from Notion here. I'm writing because you redeemed a code for Notion credit that we offer as part of our Notion for Startups program.

    Unfortunately, this credit can only be used by verified startup companies, so it has been removed from your workspace. Nothing else has changed about your plan.

    If you are part of a startup, we'd love for you to apply again so we can carefully re-review your application. And regardless, we hope you continue to find Notion helpful. We're here if you need us.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    • same
      both this and $500 gone

    • I got the same thing too

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