House Extension Anyone Done It ?


Has anyone done a house extension . Im in victoria

I live in a single story and thinking of extending my house

Extending my back living area by around 4m * 4m
And extending a hallway and adding another bedroom

Anyone who has experience in this ? Any recommendations? Are the costs too high ?

Thank you


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    You dont mention what state your in etc. I'd think going 1 more room like that without redoing the whole roof could look very average - depending what shape your current roof is.

    We didnt go back or sideways - we went up . Was a good investment once we sold :)

    Ended up getting a recommended local builder to do it for around 90k roughly 10 -12 odd yrs ago…. Not brick, but like a weatherboard kinda stuff (not brick, not colourbond) and tiled roof.
    They had done 2 houses in our street, and both people were happy with the result.

    Would I do it again… now the kids have left home, no i wouldn't.. if the kids were here still - possibly.. its still a lot of coin, but did add quite a bit to the house when we sold.

    • Sorry Im in Victoria . Did you just do one extra room upstairs ?

      • Nope
        2 bedrooms, extra bathroom, huge living/kids area

  • We had an extension done in Victoria where we went in with a brand new kitchen, one new bathroom, old bathroom completed redone, dismantling of old kitchen, additional living area, bedroom, ensuite, laundry and pantry. We basically doubled the living area from what was there previously. All up it cost us $450K - it would have been cheaper to tear down and rebuild; but being in an heritage overlay area that was not feasible.

    The expense is in kitchen and bathrooms plus laundry - basically whereever plumbing is required. If all you are doing is extra living space; it shouldn't cost as much.

  • Budget for $3k per square metre. If that works for you, then get some plans drawn up and priced for a more accurate amount.

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  • Added family room, master bedroom (with en-suite/walk in robe), laundry and reconfigured the interior and cost us $350k 2 years ago.

    We considered knockdown rebuild but the site costs would have been huge because of slope of our block of land

    One thing I recommend, is try and sell as much of the existing house as you can. EG:
    - I sold the kitchen for $6k. Someone came to the house and removed everything (which also saved on demo costs)
    - sold the windows, and a few doors for $2k

  • It’s never economical when you compare dollar to size for an extension vs new build. People usually opt for the extension as the area you are building is generally less than a complete house so it costs less overall, but if you break it down to size versus cost it is never value for money. For example; 50m2 extension at $3,000 per m = $150k & 200m2 house at $1100 per m2 = $220k.