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Free Delivery with $50 Spend: e.g. Asahi Super Dry Black Bottle 18x334ml (Japan Import) $50 Delivered @ LiquorLand


Super Dry Black Bottle 334mL

Product Details

This isn’t your regular dry lager. Asahi Dry Black is a new dark lager that has blended the rich aromas and deep flavours of roasted malt with a smoothness many dark lagers lack. Smooth, crisp and absolutely delicious.

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  • Keeps getting removed from my cart. Oos? Error?

  • No black southside QLD available…..nooooooooooo!!!

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  • Dam would have loved me some Asahi

  • +1

    OOS in SA too :(

  • I get Vic OOS for the black

  • -2

    Works in VIC but my nearest store is more than 10km away… Not worth $5,500 fine…

    • Isn't it free delivery?

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        i have been waiting for my beer from first choice liquor for more than 2 weeks…

        • same here…lucky I still have spare one

        • Coles Liquor Delivery - never again!!!
          Waited weeks.
          When I complained & asked when it would be delivered - was abused for "trying to jump the queue"!
          They didn't have a clue, just blamed the customers for ordering more than their system could handle!

        • same! irresponsbile store

    • Just order it now and then collect it on Wednesday when the limit is changed to 15km

      • I can't we have a 9pm curfew still…

        • hey jv which store in VIC has stock?

  • The new Bundaberg Rumball with free delivery

  • Consider not using Liquorland is my only advice - at least for deliveries. I ordered a week ago and it still is being packed and has yet to be dispatched. Rang them today and all they could say is sorry and they would prioritise it, but still send it standard delivery. Consistent reviews online talk to their inability to get it to the customer quickly (and I'm factoring in the current AusPost delays). The fact they cant pack and distribute within a week is their main problem.