Laminated Flooring at home


I am in the market for steam mop to clean my house which is laminated flooring.

I am not sure if Steam Mop can be used to clean the laminated floor. Can you please advise if you know or anyone has any experienced?
Marks on the floor are so visible and I am sick of cleaning with the usual mop.

Please advise which steam mop is good for laminated flooring and what cleaning product do you guys used.

Thank you in advance


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    All of the manufacturers will say, "no" to steam mops or say you can't do this or that with a steam mop.
    I've had good luck with a hybrid laminate, no wood products in it at all.
    I just use filtered water or filtered water + 20% vinegar.
    I think most any steam mop is fine, there are ones that are hotter than others that are advertised as, "dry steam".
    I have a Karcher SC 2, because I bought it on sale at Costco. I had a cheaper one, I think a Bissell that died after 2 years. I guess I like the Karcher more because it produces steam without having to pump it by moving it back and forth.