Gigabyte RTX 3080 10GB AORUS Xtreme LHR PCIe Video Card GV-N3080AORUS X 10GD 2.0 $2599 + Delivery @ Computer Alliance


I found this through pc part picker price drop alert. seems like is already sold out everywhere else. 11% discount is a lot nowadays for a GPU but IMO $2600 it's still dumb AF.

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    price in title?

    • Thanks for the heads up. I'll fix it

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    bruh, same price i paid for my legion 5 pro.


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    2600 for 3080? yah nahhh

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    So glad I got my 3080 ftw3 ultra for $1360, prices are insane right now

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      Was this during launch? Guess I'll wait for the 4080

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        Yeah, ordered launch day from PLE, took a few months but was so worth it

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    3090 went for $2999 last week… $2600 is an insane price for 3080. not even Ti

    • Techfast had some for $1,999 on Friday, from memory?

  • 2599…. not even close…

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    This ain't OzBargain anymore… It's OzAvailable or OzInStock

    • More like OzYehNah.

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    No to encouraging this behavour.

    • Agree

  • Cheaper from their store on eBay currently using an eBay plus code.

    Makes it around $2565 delivered.. and that’s just the standard 5% code, didn’t try any others.

  • Does this come with a CPU, Mobo and everything else? Otherwise no deal here.

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    2599 is the price of 3080 Ti

  • LOL I got the AORUS 3080 Master on release for $1649. I don't see this as a bargain?

  • yeah nah

    This would be much better value, only just went out of stock…

  • Posting these sorts of "deals" so often and seeing the pricing go up instead of going down increases the hype.

    I've got an OEM dell PC and works perfectly for my needs, I don't need a graphic card but I can honestly say I'm experiencing FOMO but in my case, there is nothing to miss out lol, I wonder how many people are buying not really needing them.

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    lol (profanity) off

  • Is this a joke post?

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      No,it is mt first post, and from the reaction I understand the mistakes I made and how to approach posting a deal next time

  • What's the difference between this one and the 3080 I got for $1469 in January?

    • Yours has a better resale value too.

  • Enjoy my 1080 with 2k setup. Why overpriced 3080?
    If you really want 4k/8k games, the best option for now is PS5 and XBX. Both of these will cost less than $1600. you don't have to pay $2599

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    Don’t post items you think are a rip off.

  • Unprecedented times where prebuilts are better value.

  • no

  • Not a Bargain.
    It’s good to know when stock is in, but 156% above the $1639 launch price and 236% above Nvidia’s 3080 $1139 RRP for the Aorus features/brand.


  • Aorus master available for pre-order ($2069) on PLE for those looking

    • I'd rather roll on with my GTX 1070… =\

  • bruh

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    I feel you, Ajeje. The first post can be harsh and the response from the community might seem excessive.
    But the rules help the platform work, a bit like valid tickets are needed to ride on trams.
    One certainly should not get a heart attack running after a perceived justice, but the feedback is valid. It's a price as terrible as food poisoning from raw mussels.

    And BTW, should you ever get this card, be prepared to dedicate an entire case to it. It's huge (pretty much 4 slots)!

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    Nice, almost $1500 more than I paid for my full hash rate 3080, what a bargain!

  • We're not going to buy into these over-jacked prices. That's how they stay for good.

  • never believe MSRP, but this price is still too high. Thanks for sharing for someone need it really quick, not for me.

  • lol

  • So disappointing to get an alert for a 3080 and see… this.

  • Hopefully this is an exercise in knowing the market

  • This price is disgusting… makes me sick!