Is 4k 120hz Really Worth It for TV Gaming?

I've been looking for the best bang for buck TV 4k 120hz for XSX gaming for some time now. I can't find anything 65inch within a budget of $2.1k that isn't flawed, It looks like a lot of the reasonably priced HDMI 2.1 TVs have some blur issues and cut resolution in half to accommodate (e.g. Sony x90h and others).

I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get a much cheaper TV one until the tech is better and more affordable than the 4k 120hz TVs that actually work in a few years. (A80j and LG CX are too expensive)

Anyone have any recommendations for a cheap TV $1.2k or less without HDMI 2.1 that would be just "good" for gaming with relatively bright HDR? Was looking at Hisense A7G or something similar.

Thanks guys!


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    120hz is 100% worth it, but you will not be playing 4K at 120hz on many games unless you've built a high end PC.

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      Ahh so for an Xbox Series X it wouldn't be worth it then? I probably should of included that in the post

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        While the consoles can do 4k 120hz you will never see that in anything that is even slightly demanding, Most 120hz games are 1080p or dynamic resolution.

        As a PC/PS5 user the jump to 120hz on controller is not as significant as mouse so for a console unless you only play competitive games like warzone on console then i wouldn't worry about 120hz on console. Not to send mixed messages but for a controller only system i wouldn't worry about 120hz.

        Even the new Forza Horizon 5 will only be 4k 30fps on Xbox series x there will be a performance mode for 60hz but that will look worse graphicly.

        • Thanks, that's a good point, I think I'm going to go for a cheaper option, I'm not doing competitive gaming or anything, just looking for a nice picture.

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          A console will never match the performance of a PC. Period.

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    If you're interested in the a80j, I got Sony to price match TGG's 10% discount from a few weeks ago and stacked it with Shopback's 10% cash back yesterday, coupled with Sony's $200 cash back to get it for about $2880.

    If you have the time to wait for a few stars to align, and can boost your budget to $2.9 then that's an option.

    • That's a good deal, I am not running out of time but I do have an empty TV unit in my new apartment just chilling 🤣

  • Anyone have any thoughts on the Hisense A7G vs U7G?

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      Yeah don't buy Hisense.

      After two 55" U8G TV's which both had random HDMI Disconnection issues i would never recommend the 2021 models.

      • I've decided I'm getting Sony x90j with cashrewards day. I just don't want to get something I'll be regretting haha

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    I thought x90j sony doesnt have the 120hz blur? Pretty sure thats on last years model x900h only.

    Like above reply you wont see 120hz gaming much on consoles, the benefit youll get out of higher native refresh panels is better motions and less blur.

    Im eyeing the x90j myself hopefully it goes down this holiday.

    • Yeah I realised they didn't have that issue on the x90j, ended up just going for it with the 8% cashback on cashrewards from Sony's website. Might be better black Friday deals but might only save an extra $100 or $200 if I waited a few months now without a TV haha

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    In my case I will be upgrading from old LED FHD TV so why not spend extra for 4K/120hz for PS5? In a few years you would wish you'd paid more for better product. I think LG nano86 55 is ok (local dimming off) for gaming TV, usually around $1400-1800.