After a Ride on Car for a 3 Year Old

I've seen plenty of 12v ones on ebay, which seem to go for around $200-$300, but the dimensions look far too small.
For reference, the 3 year old in question is 1m tall.
Amy recommendations?


  • I bought one on facebook marketplace for $50 and they had recently replaced the battery, however it doesnt last longer than half an hour.

    • That's fine, half an hour my kid would be over it. My concern is the physical size of the cars I'm looking at is going to be too small.

      • I'm going to wade into this….are you basing your concern on the bumper to bumper length?

        Our neighbour's 5-year old fits into a car bought on ebay, she's over 1m

        Depending on the model, the kid might stick out vertically quite a bit - these cars aren't proportional in size to an actual car/adult combo.

        Example image

        • Ok that's good to know - biggest concern is room within the seat area for leg room, just general sort of comfort so he isn't kind of needing to duck or tuck anything in to just sit inside and enjoy it.

  • An alternative, if you're worried about size, would be a 12v ATV/quad bike. Might be easier to get on/off rather than having to tuck inside? My nephews all had one, and got a lot of use out of them before they got too big.

  • Does it need to be safe?

    • … Of course?

      • -1

        Just checking, I had Crime Stoppers open in the next tab.


    I bought my son this one, I was quite impressed with the quality of it, it even has a USB port for music. Customer service was great too.