Sneaky Energy Resellers

I have been with Dodo for almost 8 years now. The energy bills have been constantly increasing over time. Then I decided to compare my bills against the rate on their site. What a surprise.. They were completely off.

I called them. They said I was on a different plan and happy to change If I am ok with that. :-/ Happy?

The difference is $244.96 in just the last quarter ($176.42 in Electricity and $68.54 in Gas). I am just stunned how stupid I was to believe that since Dodo gave me 30% on time discount, I must be good. If you are a Dodo customer and naive like me, please have a look at your bills.


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    This doesn't only apply to Dodo or energy, it happens everywhere.

    • Used to work at an ISP. We would automatically migrate customers to new plans, but only if there was absolutely zero possible reason they might want to stay on an old plan. It was always up to them to chase us up on it, though (imagine the hassle of calling each customer every time something changed. People don't read emails).

      Many times the reason they weren't automatically migrated though was for a change that wouldn't affect the majority of people though, like increasing the download limit from 10GB to 100GB, but now uploads were metered, or something like that. (Was years ago).

      TL:DR; Periodically check what you are on. If a company changes plans, don't assume you change with it.

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    I am just stunned how stupid I was

    You have been paying the lazy muppet man tax. Enjoy!

    Do you even read your bills? Of late the providers are required to tell you if there is a cheaper plan available. They have been trying to tell you and you even ignored that advice.

    • Yes. Learned the lesson the hard way. I read the bills and I never came across anything that mentioned about the cheaper option. Anyway, it is my stupidity. Not going to chase after that.

      • Maybe it's just a Victorian thing then

        Your energy retailer must tell you on your bill, at least once every 3 months for electricity bills and once every 4 months for gas bills, whether you are on their best offer. This means you can compare which offer is best and fairest for you.

        • whether you are on their best offer.

          Does their bill actually say "if you were on our Total Plan, your bill would have been $4.56 less" or something like that?

          • @avoidfullprice: Not sure. Mine says something like "it appears you are on the best plan for your needs"

  • All of your bills since 2019 would have told you that you would save money on a better plan with dodo and specified rhat money saving amount.

    • I just went through the bill again. I found Nothing of that sort. Are you from NSW?

      • Hmm, strange, it's on the top right hand corner of page 1, under your account number. If you are on the best plan, it clearly says you are, if not, the savings you can make it you do switch.

        Ps talking from experience, long-term Dodo customer in Vic, see my post from a while back on tips in dealing with them, if it helps.

        • I assume it is a VIC privilege. I have nothing but MIRN and Invoice Details there under my account number. Anyways, thanks for the reply. I'll be careful.

  • That's the price you paid for being loyal customer. And you probably get screwed double over both gas and electricity on the same retailer. I do my utility shopping every few months and switching around few times a year at least. Longest time I stayed with one was 2 years and that was because of the special discounts during that period. And haven't used a single retailer for both services for ages.

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