Moving home but would like to keep Energy Service whilst in between moves

Hi everyone!

I'm moving to another apartment and would like to transfer my existing Energy service to the new one (I have a discount attached to this service).

I can't figure out what's the best thing to do if in between moving, I'd like to keep energy running in both properties.

For context I'm moving on a Monday week to the new place but have a bit of cleaning up to do, Trades people coming in etc to the old property so hoping to have a few more days of electricity. I'm thinking another OZbargain-er might've been in the same situation before?

Is my only option to transfer my current energy service to start on the Monday and sign up for another energy service for the old property but only have it for a few days and cancel before the cooling off period?

Thanks all!


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    This is a perfect case of speak to your energy provider.

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    Take a Photo of the Meter or better yet get a Final Reading when you move out.
    Check a Final Reading has been done before you move in.

    • thx for the tip, how do i get a final reading, I live in an apartment

      • Call your Energy provider that reads your meter. The number is on your bill. Make sure can access your meter.

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          thank you!

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    I can't figure out what's the best thing to do if in between moving, I'd like to keep energy running in both properties.

    Having moved a few times between different states, I find electricity and gas don't get turned off/on on the specified date. What that means is I would get billed ffor he start/stop date I advised my retailer, but I wouldn't stress about the services stop abruptly +/- few days.

    Also think about a rental. You moved out. You tell your electricity retailer to stop billing you. The real estate agent continue to shows your place after you move out. They would still have power to show them appliances still work.

    • Thank you this is very helpful. Really after just a couple more days so i don't have to stress with removalists + cleaning + potentially trades people fixing stuff all on the same day. Prob not covid safe either.

      How much notice do you normally give them before moving?

      • A week before disconnecting/connecting.

    • Exactly this, and it's why the real estate people often have to switch the mains on/off as part of their job when showing a place. If you walk out and leave the mains on, there's a chance they'll bill you for anything used afterwards (if it's significant), if someone new is coming in they'll often time the check closer to their move in date for final reading too. It's why they tell you to flick off the mains when you leave the property.

      One of those things where it usually works fine, it might be a few cents here or there, so what's the point in paying someone to go out and disconnect the power only to connect it again a couple of days later.

      • Thx for your input!

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    All you need to do is on the last day contact the provider for a final reading. They won't disconnect power as that is an expensive call out for them (unless it's a smart meter) - and they want to be able to connect a new paying customer as soon as possible so they just generally leave the power on.

    • Thanks for the insight! telling day on day of move, would it be too risky ?

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    In QLD, you just need to contact your electricity provider and let them know that you are moving. They will ask for the new address, your move in date, and your move out day on the old address. They will keep your old service until the nominated move out date, and just add another service on the move in date of the new address. If you have already done this, all you need to do is to take a photo of the meter(s) on the move in and move out date.

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      This^ . This is the right way to do it OP.

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    IME they don’t turn off the sparks when you move out. Transfer to the new joint from when you move in. Unless you’re unlucky the lower will still be on at the old joint, but the new tenant will eventually get charged for the little bit you use vacuuming.