Installing CCTV Cameras around The House - Advice about Product, Installation Process

I live in a rental house, and would like to install CCTV cameras outside perimeter of the house. Appreciate any guidance on choosing the product, installation process, etc.

I know that it should have recording ability, Mobile App access to see what's happening. Unsure how much wiring is needed? or are there any good wireless cameras that suits the purpose? I saw a few in Costco, and also, in Jaycar. What do you advice?

I am guessing I need permission from the landlord for installation.


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    You will need permission to get a electrician to run cables as they will drill holes in walls and run cabling under the house or in the roof cavity.

    What resolution do you want?
    How long do you need the recording for?
    How many cameras do you want?
    What is the distance from the camera to the object you want to see clearly?

    Sounds like you need to do some more reading on security camera systems as you have not included the basics of what you think you need/want.

    • Thanks. I haven't thought through all these questions. May be I would keep the recording for a week? Resolution, is 1080 good?

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      Most new wired cameras won't need an electrician to run power cables as they use PoE (power over ethernet) so it just uses the 1 network cable for everything.

      • So who is going to run the CAT 5E/6/7 cables? With the lack of knowledge and background reading do you really think they can run the cables and ternimate them onto a block? Think of the pull cable……and then there is the crimping tool and the plastic 10mm (this is from the long distant past, 10yes ago) !!!!!

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          I was just pointing out that it is still more then easy to do DIY and an electrician is not required. If however you are going to pay someone to do it, I would not be paying an electrician. I would be going to a security camera installer and be paying less to have someone with more experience as no electrical license is required (for any PoE system).

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          No need to fart around terminating cables and crimping - been there done that and it's not worth the hassle.

          Simply buy the length CAT cable you need (with connectors) and use brush wall plates - anyone can do it -

          Although in OP's case being a rental he would probably be best going with a wi-fi setup, unless he can run CAT cable to cameras without putting holes everywhere.

      • Technically most states require you to use a licensed cabler to run PoE cables. I can't say I agree with it at all, hence I did all mine myself.

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    Damn DIY is becoming pretty low-effort/lack of initiative.

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    If your in a rental go with a wireless set. Cabling is lots of work and not really worth it if you don't own the place.

    The eufy and arlo cameras seem to be popular options with decent reviews.

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    As some have said already wireless is your best option. But need to get permission to mount them on the walls or eaves of the house. EUFY 2C/2C pro or reolink argus 3 with solar I think are good options. Is you have more budget then the EUFY 2K solo pro

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        Eufy is better than nothing but greatly inferior to a hardwired system. 1080p eufy cameras aren't good enough to zoom in on a car's numberplate. They don't perform well in exposed positions because they don't have a visor and are prone to fogging up. The biggest flaw with eufy cameras is slow triggering to record. If a trespasser runs through the field of vision, more often than not the cameras won't trigger. If they do, you may only get a rear view of the trespasser leaving the field of vision.

        • That's a fantastic input to consider with Eufy. Do you recommend other products? as others mentioned, rental house is a constraint for hard wiring

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            @chrismatt: Someone who owns Arlo cameras will hopefully provide some input. Arlo appears to be the most popular wire-free system. I don't know if Arlo has the same slow triggering flaw as Eufy.