Anyone Got Any Optus Deals?

So my 24-month contract on my Samsung 10e ended 10 days ago and i am happy to keep the same phone and the 'cheapest' sim only plan is $45, i mean I know they are a big provider but $45 a month (20gb data) for sim only is crazy expensive - my plan was $65 a month with the phone and 30gb of data…..Keep in mind my phone was RRP close to $1000 when i signed up.

What happened to the $20-25 p/m options? am i not looking at right places?

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    optus have a $65 for 500gb sim plan ATM.

    the $45 sim plan i though was 80gb still as im on it right now.

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    $35pm / 20gb + $50 back thru a Flybuys offer

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    $22.5/month if you already have another postpaid plan with them.