Problems with Billing

they charged me an additional 26Gb for an extra $266!!!

Here is the thing, just 29min to next month, On Aug 31, 11:31 PM used 27905MB

31-AUG-21 23:31:01
31-AUG-21 23:31:01

27905.000000 MB


26G used in last half hour????

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    • Wow that poster was annoying AF.

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    What did they say when you messaged them about it?

  • Is this coochiemuncher69?

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    Welcome to OzBargain's ISP Help Desk.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it here.

    Thank you for contacting us.

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    Why is any OzB member going with Circles.Life after all the bad press they get on this forum?

    • I dunno. I watched The Lion King and the answer wasn't in the theme music either…

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        It's not safe to be outside the herd.

        If one survives, can pick up lots of life skills and toughen up.

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      “It won’t happen to me”: The optimism bias

      The key to optimism bias is that we disregard the reality of an overall situation because we think we are excluded from the potential negative effects.


    Here we go again, The circle of life.

    When it goes bad, it goes, REALLY bad.

  • Hey ray464845, do contact us via our Live Chat or through our DMs at and we can check on this for you.