Call of Duty Vanguard PS5

For the past couple years ozb has been great at finding preorders for less than rrp

Hoping this year will be the same.



  • If you have latitude pay you can get it for $70 from Jerry Harvey's. If you don't mind supporting them

  • +3

    Vanguard was so bad. Not sure why you are even considering pre-ordering this POS. Not trying to circle jerk Activision but it was worse than Cold War which is already crap.

    • +1

      Doesn't matter. New CoD slapped together every year and people will lap it up every year. They sell like hotcakes and rarely a need to discount them.

      With Warzone integration, it ensures they stay relevant as opposed to superseded like sports games so they continue charging high price for older ones.

    • I blindly bought CoD Cold War as I've enjoyed (most of) the other iterations of the game. It was terrible.

      I'll definitely hold off on Vanguard for a bit to see the general reception. Hoping Warzone remains free and receives the new map update… that will be enough for me.

  • I have been buying cod since mw1.
    I play with mates online back in Ireland we only play custom games so it works for me.

  • I just ordered it for $89 at JB. Seems to be that going price, or $10 cheaper for last gen consoles.

    • Cheers mate. I don't think it will get any cheaper :(

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