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Uberbrau Ultra Low Alcohol Lager 24x 330ml $18 (Free 2000 Flybuys Point) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ First Choice Liquor


Collect 2000 flybuys point($10) after purchasing the beer, it got reduce down to $8.

0.33c each before cashback.

Additional 1% cashback via shopback.

Good review on the beer too.

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  • Step 1: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol— that our lives had become unmanageable.”

  • Hi OP, is the 2000 flybuys points a targeted offer?

    • +1

      The 2000 is not targeted, is on their main website. The promotion end today.


      • Got to love the terms and conditions link… Goes to a list of white wines.

        Is it one use only ?

      • Thanks, link no longer works for me but maybe expired yesterday, it may have been location based as I couldn't see anything yesterday :(

  • Has anyone tried this one? Some good reviews on the site, but always good to hear more views.

    • +1

      A beer when your not having a beer. I'd describe it as something between a beer and champagne. Very fizzy, almost a honey taste. Similar to Bitburger. But you definitely know you are having a zeroish alcohol beer. Heineken zero is better at tasting like a normal beer.

      Under $25 it's ok.. good wedgie if you are having a beer or two, but still have somewhere to be.

      *Op - where is the 2000 pts offer?

  • Mine says $20

    • Mine still show $18, pick up at Port melbourne.

      • I think OP is using 2000 flybuy points = $10

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        Op is correct when I move location to Port Melb, my location doesn’t like low alcohol beer it seems

    • $2 is the can tax

  • Got my 2000 FlyBuys points from yesterday's purchase. Good deal OP