Where to Buy Discounted Woolworths Wish Cards?

So after almost a year since Cashrewards stopped selling Woolworths gift cards I’ve almost finished my stash.

Is there anywhere I can get discounted woolies gift cards for petrol and groceries? And what discount?

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Woolworths Gift Cards
Woolworths Gift Cards


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    A word of warning about the Discounted eGift Cards page: although it is a treasure trove of links and discounts for a large number of discounted gift card portals, I don't think it is actually updated frequently. I try to update the page every month or so for some of the portals I know about (e.g. Reward Gateway, HCF Thank You, Suncorp Benefits (aka AAMI Lucky Club), Redeem Your Gift Card), but you will find that some portals probably haven't been updated in a long time, so the data on the page is probably not 100% reliable.

    In terms of your question, your best bets are to consult entries for both the WISH and Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards. The reason is that the Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards actually have the same gift card prefix (555) as WISH eGift Cards; if you add a Caltex Woolworths eGift Card to the Woolworths Money app, it actually shows up as WISH eGift Card and can be used at Woolworths.

    You will see that most entries on the page will list WISH or Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards for a 3% discount, but I'll call out a couple of entries that I can verify has a higher discount rate.

    • The best place to purchase a WISH eGift Card is through the NSW Seniors Cardholder portal (which was previously linked in this thread), as that is the only way (I know of) to access Woolworths Group's gift card portal and still get a 5% discount on WISH eGift Cards.

    • The next best discounts depends on what denomination you are after and what portals you can access:

    Gift Card Portal Type Discount (%) Fees Payment Method
    Macquarie Marketplace WISH 4 N/A Macquarie Bank transaction or savings account
    Redeem Your Gift Card WISH 4.5 $1 per gift card Bank transfer only
    Redeem Your Gift Card Caltex Woolworths 5 $1 per gift card Bank transfer only
    • Redeem Your Gift Card is admittedly a weird portal, as they charge a $1 fee for each gift card you purchase from their portal, regardless of the denomination. If you want to get the maximum discount on an eGift Card, you need to load the maximum amount onto a WISH or Caltex Woolworths eGift Card (which is $500). Therefore, the maximum actual discount on WISH and Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards is 4.3% and 4.8%, respectively.

    In terms of personal experience, I purchased a $500 Caltex Woolworths eGift Card from Redeem Your Gift Card (via the Sunsuper portal) a few months ago, and received the eGift Card within a couple of hours on the same business day. The payment method is quite weird (i.e. bank transfer only), but the bank account you are sending the payment to is with NAB, so if your bank account you are using for payment also has Osko, the payment should be deposited instantly into their bank account. This $500 eGift Card shows up as a WISH eGift Card in the Woolworths Money app and works at Woolworths, so there's currently no point getting a WISH eGift Card through them.

    I admit you have to place a lot of trust in them for paying by bank transfer, but considering Redeem Your Gift Card is the discount gift card portal for Sunsuper (which is a legitimate superannuation fund), that gave me confidence that they were legit (and I can attest they are legit). The links and passwords for accessing the Sunsuper or shopper portals (and they list different gift cards and sometimes have different rates for gift cards) are on the Discounted Gift Cards page.