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[NSW] 6.6kW Solar System (JA Panels & SAJ Inverter) $2699 Installed (Was $3190) @ Synergy Solar


Hey guys, the team and I @ Synergy Solar have a bit of a deal to throw at you!!

Fully installed 6.6kW Solar Systems from $2,699. WAS $3,190. Use the record high STC CREDITS
to your benefit.

Take advantage of this super spring special, with Australia's only "LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY" have peace of mind in minimising your electricity expenses as well as our local retailer product warranties!!!

Based in Prestons, NSW, 2170 this offer is valid for clients within a 100km radius.

Not getting the savings advised on your next electricity bill after install? Live stress free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!

Just mention you've seen this add on this site and we will apply the discount as required!

Locally owned, locally operated, locally accountable!

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  • State in title please.

    • Apologies, just amended, we are in NSW

  • Guess everyone’s question will be what branding inverter and panels?

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      hey mate, so i have specified this in the headline, we use JA solar panels & SAJ inverter. These are purchased through Australian retailer which means the the 25yr product warranty on panels and 10yr Inverter warranty stands. You're more than welcome to do your research.

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        Not saying I’m horrid at reading titles but unless it’s pc parts I’m horrid at reading titles haha

        • No problem at all mate, my apologies i meant to say 12yr product warranty and 25yr performance warranty for the panels

  • Hi Op, any deals on batteries?

    • hey mate, no problem at all, i will just need to knwo the size you're after as well as your inverter model number.

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    I recently found out what Powerpal was useful. It has helped with assessing my usage and how useful adding X kw solar system, how much effects it would have on my bill and how long it would take the monetary benefits to break even.

    Nowadays with alot crappier feed in tarifs, savings on these systems have really taken a hit.

    If your house uses most of its energy during the day between 9am to 4pm then you will benefit heaps.

    Both me and my partner WFH which still means it would take us approx 5 years to get break even.

    Some people say if thats the case then add a battery! With the cost of a battery, on average it would take 10years or more to break even assuming the capacity stays the same over the course of 10years (which we know it doesnt).

    If you aren't eligible for any rebates then it could take over 10years to recoup the costs of setup…. government likes to punish the rich whilst punishing the environment I guess. Because the rich will be doing the calculations without the rebates and figure out it's not worth the investment.

  • G’day,
    I already am exporting 10kW to Endeavour Energy grid. Am I allowed to export another 5kW?

    • Do you know if your mains power is 3 or single phase? Seeing as how you are exporting 10kw at the moment, I'm assuming you are. If 3 phase I believe you could export another 5kw/h on the 3rd phase. I have just added another 6.6kw system recently and am upgrading my power to 3 phase to take full advantage.

      • I have 3 phase and my understanding is that you can export 5kW per phase, but only get paid FiT for 10kW. So if you are exporting 15kW, I think you get nothing for that final 5kW, unless you use that energy as you produce it (or store it in batteries). But I could be wrong. So you have 2 or 3 6.6kW systems?

        • Ah interesting, I'm not aware of the export limit for FiT actually. I have 2x 6.6kw systems. Perhaps Endeavor Energy would have this information online.

          • @m0usju1c3: I think I remember seeing the 10kW export limit on AGL’s website a couple of years ago when I signed up with them. I’m sure you’d find it somewhere on EE’s website too. Hopefully the OP can clarify.

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          My understanding is Endeavour Energy allows the following via automatic online approval:
          *Single Phase - 14 kW total panels to a 10 kW inverter and I believe there is a 5kW export limit but can't find this anywhere.
          *Three Phase - 40 kW total panels to a 30 kW inverter and no export limit.

          Some retailers that offer higher FITs do seem to put a limit such as 10kW though.

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    Sharp price. I'm interested.

    How many watts are the panels rated?

    To save you from replying to a dozen emails with the obvious question, what chance/price to upgrade to a Fronius Inverter?

    • Second this , interested to know

    • following

      • Looking at https://www.solarquotes.com.au/solar101.html and it seems like JA panels are recommended but inverters for SAJ are not in the list. Wondering if a more reputable brand inverter would be offered too. Fronius maybe expensive but keen to know the difference. Or to Goodwe

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          Sungrow inverters are usually a good value choice.

    • Interested to know too.

    • hey guys, i hope this info answers all fo your questions.
      We can install whatever panels and whatever inverter you wish to have. Of course extra costs are to be added when needed.

      For Jinko panels & Goodwe bundle. add $500 to the price

      just goodwe inverter upgrade $300

      Fronius inverter upgrade $1,300

      the panels we use are 390 watts.

      JA give a 12yr product warranty and 25yr performance warranty

      if you required 3 phase inverters add $495 to each of the inverter prices.

  • What is the panel's warranted output and for how many years?

    • JA offer 12yr product warranty and 25yr performance

      • Thanks mate, but you haven't really answered my question. I was wanting to know what is the panel warrantee output and for how many years is that warranted output for. Cheers.

  • Probably a stupid question but if I already got a 6.6kw installed last year, if I take this deal, I assume I would have to pay more as I won't get the full rebate?

  • how about 15 Kw ? Any deals on that ?

    • hey mate, on a 15kW we can do $4,999 for a single phase system. do you require a 3 phase?

      • yes. I need a 3 phase.

        • hey mate, no problem at all. so the price would be $5,494. on the basis that no extra equipment is needed such as scissor lift etc

          • @Nathan94: Its a double story. So i assume you would. need scissor lift. how much for the scissor lift in that case.

            • @pankajdixit: is the roof able to be accessed safely from a ladder? I would have to check the pricing, its generally 300-500 a day for hire, jsut depending on the size required as they all have different KG ratings

  • jinko + goodwe inverter, price?

    • for jinko and goodwe bundle $3,199.

      this price is for single phase, additional $495 for 3 phase

      • thanks, comes down to more expensive than other providers with great reviews still
        thanks for letting me know!

        but if you can, what rails do you use?

        • Can you share which other provider with great review? also interested with this bundle. Thanks.

        • So the rails we use are called "Schletter rails"

          • @Nathan94: thanks Nathan. To confirm the price you quoted is for single story?

            • @BaeSuzy: Hi Suzy,

              So this price is for single storey yes. But if you 2nd storey is accessible in a safe manner for our staff than the price will remain the same.

              We only change the price for double storey if we either need to order a scissor lift or if the labour time is expected to take much longer with tricky roof design.

  • 3 reviews on solarquotes. I am not convinced

  • Hi Op, what’s your ABN? Tried ABN lookup but couldn’t find any listed in 2170 post code. Also, how long have you guys been in business for?
    I am interested in solar but a lot of solar companies are involved in a quick burn and churn and phoenixing.

    • +2

      Entity name:CIMA GROUP PTY LTD
      ABN status:Active from 22 Oct 2019
      Entity type:Australian Private Company
      Goods & Services Tax (GST):Registered from 22 Oct 2019

      Main business location: NSW 2000

      Business name
      From SYNERGY SOLAR & ELECTRICAL 25 Sep 2021
      SOLARTEK NSW 04 Aug 2021
      SOLARTEK QLD 04 Aug 2021
      FLYNN OPTICS 12 Sep 2020

      Not convinced at all

      • Likewise. IKEA offers solar with Solargain, one of the most reputable companies in the country and 6.6kw starts at $3,926 in Sydney. Will have peace of mind that even if Solargain goes bust, we will have ikea to honour the warranty

        • Your dreaming if you think Ikea will help you when solargain goes broke.
          Your install contact is with Solargain.
          Solargain and use sub contractors so there not responsible, you will end up in a merry go round of them each blaming the other when something goes wrong.

          • @REDTUTE: Who / what would you recommend ?

            • +1

              @bigdig: Your local LG authorised dealer almost a sure bet as it's had to get the contract with LG and keep it if your doing shit work.
              Avoid large Australia wide Solar business as they only use sub contactor and advertise with Cricket players on TV.

              Solar Quotes us a good place to look.
              There lots of good small local installs as on your local area get on Facebook local pages for recommendations.

              Join a few Facebook solar groups they will soon tell you if an installer has burn them, crap solar is a good place. It's full of horror stories!

              Any good installer will always come to your house and inspect the site to ensure what they have quoted will fit and your roof is in good condition and if there is any issues in your meter box.
              Then explain how solar works and the real world saving and returns you might expect on your investment.

              $0 bills are almost impossible in Australia with normal systems.
              If someone telling you this run!

              Good installer/seller should never push to get you to sign up on the spot, there no rush it's a big decision to for you to make.
              And not upsell you something you don't need system because of commissions based sales bonus.
              They should be sizing system to suit your power bill/life style, feed in tariff, export limit, expected time you will be living in the house for.

              All good Solar retailers do there own installs with there own Sparkys, Apprentices, labour's as its the only way they can guarantee that's its done to to high standard.

      • if you're not convinced, you're more than welcome to try the 100% money back guarantee..

    • Hi Mate, i completely understand your concern.

      so as a whole, we have been doing solar for the last (nearly) 2yrs. As shown below with the ABR lookup a user has shown, we have other companies that offer the more personal consultation. Meaning, we will physically send our consultant to your property to assess your current situation and needs, work out a tailored package that suits and be at your disposal every step of the way.

      what we found with the consumer market, is that a lot of clients have not wanted the personal consultation, they more so want the cheapest price. So we have created synergy solar to capture that market.
      We still offer the same warranties etc; We stand by our work. We use our own in house team of sparkies and labourers. We do not outsource work.

      The biggest difference being, (due to the cheaper price) it's not financially possible to pay for a consultant to go to the property. So because we save a lot of money on the consultants wage, vehicle, commissions, super etc; we are passing on the saving to our clients.

      It's not an offer that has to be taken up, it's just giving people with different budgets an option.

      So there we have it, 2 different options, that we are trying our best to make as many people as happy as possible.

      • It sounds all good but it's hard to trust a company if they will be around in 10 years when you need them or not. Having an ABN less than two months old for three different companies doesn't resonate well with me. I had a friend who was selling solar and he has since disappeared so I imagine he did the same as most people do. Pack and disappear after a while. Hence I am extra cautious about these issues.

        • hey mate, i completely understand, it's always a tough situation to think of. I guess in business you after to start somewhere right?

          there is no guarantee that a company that has been trading for 20yrs will still be around when clients need them most. I have purchased from companies that have been around for 20+ years and when i ahd issues, i was blocked out and no service to rectify was given.

          it can happen anywhere at anytime, am i right?

          Business takes trust in both ways, from the clients to the business and from the business to the clients.

          We can only do the best both for ourselves and clients and hope to build a fantastic reputation.

          You can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin it once.

  • Just keep in mind that cheap systems are cutting a corner somewhere (most of the time).

    • Cheap systems are always cutting corners that you don't want cut on your house!
      It's impossible to do a quality install as a sub contactor with the money these crap solar peddlers pay there subbies.

      It forces the subbie to do x2 installs every day just to make a small profit that forces them to cut corners as they are rushing using the cheapest elec components available as they know they never have to go back.

      The only sub contractors that work for these crap solar sellers are new to the industry who can't get any other work.

      • You get it 😉.

      • hey mate, normally you would be right. But we don't use contractors. All out work is done in house with our sparkies and labourers.

        As stated in the bio, we can offer this price due to the record high STC credits. You're more than welcome to check them out yourself if you like.

        • STC have been trading at $37.25 – $39.95 for the last 6 months.

          If your installs are only done using your own employee I'm very impressed.
          With no Sub Contactor use at all.

          • @REDTUTE: You're right mate, it does make it a lot harder with the smaller margins i'm not going to lie.

            But we refuse to contract the work out. We want to be personally held accountable.

  • do you cover ACT?

    • Hi Mate, unfortunately we dont cover ACT. We are a local company based in Prestons NSW

  • OP has just made an account today

    • that is correct, account was made yesterday to advertise yesterday. Not many better places to advertise then 'Oz Bargain' right?

      • And company ABN registered two days ago?

        • hey mate,

          yes that is correct, i have tried to explain the reason for the company as best as possible in some of your other comments above. this company was created to capture the marketshare not wanting the private consultation and not wanting to pay upwards of $3,500 for a system.

  • Hi OP,

    1. Does the price change for double storey place?
    2. What is the conversion price for single phase to three phase?
    3. Do you do REC panels and are REC Certified?


    • hey mate, so depending on the property. if the roof line is accessible from ladder (safely of course) then it shouldn't effect the price. if we need a scissor lift etc then yes.

      its generally $495 to go from single to 3 phase.

      as face as REC goes, no we are not certified with them.

      • Thank you.

        Most helpful and upvoting for this.

        • no problem at all mate, please feel free to get in contact with our office if you have any questions at all. or your more than welcome to send me a private message.


  • +1

    hey guys!

    We are also offering an oz bargain special on the following systems!

    9.9kW with JA Solar Panels & SAJ Inverter $3,699

    13.3kW with JA Solar panels & SAJ Inverter $4,699

    This is for single phase properties.

    3 Phase $495 extra

    Ht me up with a message if you would like to know more.



    • Hi Nathan,

      Again - kudos on the sharp pricing. Whilst the premium for 3 phase is almost double most of your competitors, there's no denying that the panel and inverter pricing is sharp. Would it be fair to presume that Inverters for 9.9kW panels would be 7.5kW and 13.3kW panels would be a 10kW inverter?

      And again, with so little information available on SAJ, can you provide indicative pricing on the following popular upgrades. Understand that some details may change for each install, but I'm sure it will save you from dealing with multiple emails querying the same information;

      • JA -> Jinko panels
      • SAJ -> Goodwe inverter
      • SAJ -> Fronius inverter
      • +1

        Hey mate, I hope you're well!

        For Jinko panels & Goodwe bundle. add $500 to the price

        just goodwe inverter upgrade $300

        Fronius inverter upgrade $1,300

        For the 3 pahse upgrade it is $495.

        We don't charge extra labour cost or margin for the 3phase, we just charge the extra for the unit (as we get charged)

        Jinko Panels, whilst are good, are more expensive than the JA panels which are more highly regarded.

        for the 9.9kW system we use an 8kW inverter

        for the 13.3 we use a 10kW inverter

        • Appreciate the rapid response - and that pricing on the goodwe and Jinko panels is even better value than your original deal when spread across such a bigger install.

          You've obviously got big wraps on the JA panels - not least since most reviews online would suggest the Jinko are pick of the Tier 1 value segment.

          Final questions (I promise!) since your deal sweeteners on the bigger installs have tipped the balance to "impulse purchase" and have me keen to be your OzBargain guinea pig to report back to the masses…

          1) What's your current leadtime? I'm looking for an install ASAP in two non-lockdown areas - 2567 and 2750, fifteen and thirty minutes from your Prestons base.
          2) Do you have an option/price for 20/21 x 390kW panel install with a 6kW inverter (preferably Goodwe)?
          3) What's you usual racking system?
          4) Any preferred energy data monitoring options?

  • Hi can you provide a quote for a ~13kW system with a 10kw Fronius Inverter? 3 Phase Power.
    Roof can hold around 35-38 panels
    Looking at panels with decent warranty - my previous quote was SunPower but I know they are expensive, I've heard Jinko is a good compromise.

    • +1

      hi mate,

      no problem at all. Please send me your details in a private message and ill get onto this for you.