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50% off PostureFit Brace $55 Delivered @ PostureFit


Aussie designed and better than cheapo ones I've tried. Getting a couple more for loved ones. Use coupon POSTURE50 for 50% off.
Support and retrain your way to better posture with PostureFit. Professionally designed to be comfortable, supportive, effective, and easy to use, PostureFit can retrain postural awareness, reduce muscle fatigue, alleviate postural related pain symptoms, improve muscle balance and optimise energy and concentration levels.
I found using the size guide worked out to be a good fit.

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    My physiotherapist told me this is the worst thing to use. No I said, the worst thing is to tell me AFTER I purchased it.

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      Did you physiotherapist tell you why it is not good to use these things?

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        While having good posture is a great goal, most posture correctors don't help you achieve it. In fact, some of these devices can do more harm than good. That’s because your body begins to rely on the devices to hold you up, especially if you wear them for long periods of time. This can cause the core muscles you'd normally use for better posture to relax and weaken. (googled)

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      I have one of these and they get really uncomfortable. Also I purchased one for way less than what they are asking here and they look identical.
      I love how the homepage has a picture of two people staring and pointing at a blank screen.

      • that's awesome … it was worth going to the dodgy looking website just to see just that :p

      • I totally agree - I have a couple of different ones but they all dig in around the shoulder straps at the front. I get a lot of upper back pain but wearing these just give me pain in other areas - kind of pointless.

    • Did they happen to tell you why it is the worst or did they just say that is the worst thing to use?

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      If you are going to use one of these, you should limit the time you use it and you should be trying to engage your muscles into that posture (i.e. not just passively letting the brace hold you in one position).
      There are occasions where these are helpful for postural loading based pain but as someone else has pointed out - there is no ideal posture, and your next posture is your best one.
      I do sometimes rarely advise (hardly ever to be honest) specific patients who are sitting constantly at work to try and get them to actively use their muscles whilst they have it on which can be effective. - Physiotherapist btw

    • Did they also tell you a bra is for ladies and what you need is a bro?



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    Harvey Norman has them for $11

    • That very different in that it has a narrow back strap. This one has a larger mesh back and seems to work by providing a friendly proprio receptive stretch that is a reminder if you slouch.

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    Waste of money and will have you paying for back repairs later in life.

  • these don't work, better spend your time on regular posture exercise

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    I've got another brand one that I use occasionally. If you're using this daily then you need to work on your core strength more. I've seen guidance that says no more than an hour at a time btw. For me, only gets used very sparingly and if I'm feeling myself start to fatigue; can help keep you in a better position temporarily until you can go rest up properly. Best to get some professional advice if you need something like this regularly.

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    Prefect to show off my man boobs

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    I'm a Physio and these are a waste of money!

    The common belief that pain (lets use low back pain in this example) is caused by sitting, standing or bending "incorrectly" OR that pain is caused by having bad posture is false and non evidence-based.

    The evidence:
    * There is no evidence that any single spinal curvature is associated with pain
    * Helping people adopt more relaxed postures, while reassuring that these postures are safe, can provide symptom relief
    * There is no single "Correct" posture and avoiding "incorrect" postures do not prevent pain
    * Comfortable postures may vary between people. Exploring this with patients may help them feel a relief in their symptoms.

    Important!! - The spine is a robust, adaptable structure which is capable of safely moving and loading in a variety of postures!!

    Remember, one size does not fit all - bodies respond to different stimulus and everyone has a different preferred lifting style.

    Furthermore, sitting down for more than 30 minutes in one position is not dangerous nor should it be avoided. However, moving around and changing positions throughout this time (and being generally active throughout your day) may assist in pain relief.

    • Not everyone uses these for back pain though. I'm working on my posture for shoulder pain and for me being active in, or spending long periods in certain postures do make it worse 🤷‍♀️ not saying that this isn't a waste of money though because I'm pretty sure you're right there, just that there are other reasons people use them.

  • Do Aston Villa players wear something like these? Look so weid.

  • Physio told me it’s the worst thing to have. Then Chiro told me recently to get one for lifting.
    Mixed emotions ….

    • It's not the worst thing to have, it just supports your posture in a passive way so your posture muscles aren't getting stronger and therefore not improving their ability to get you there and keep you there. It can help a bit with length of the front muscles, and it can be useful for habit forming and getting the feel of being more upright. Both of these can be done without this brace though.
      I've been using an exercise band twisted to form an 8 then worn in the reverse of this brace to retract against (in workout, not all day), finding this helpful and bands were on clearance at Kmart for $2. Have still been considering one of these for habit/feel but if I do will probably just buy the cheaper one at Kmart and wear for short periods.
      Your chiro is probably saying this to get you to use a better posture with lifting but I think you're maybe better to go lift infront of a mirror or a trainer and monitor your posture actively? Or try some functional training to work on your strength through range? You could try some lighter weights and specifically train your rotator cuff, scap and deep back muscles too

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    Not a physio, but a sports scientist, can confirm these usually a waste of money.